Here Is Why Shawn Henry Is A Thought Leader In Energy Efficiency


Do you want to save money and enjoy a range of cost-saving solutions? Try Efficient Home Services. Efficient Home Services provides services across the spectrum to address all aspects of your home’s energy inefficiencies. Shawn Henry has been at the forefront to ensure that energy efficiency is achieved in every household. 

Who Exactly Is Shawn Henry

Shawn Henry is the founder and CEO of Efficient Home Services- an energy company that operates in the renewables and ecological niche. The company has helped thousands of clients, including residents in Tampa, Florida. The company offers smart technologies that help clients eliminate energy inefficiencies in their homes and enterprises. 

Shawn is a thought leader in the energy sector. He is helping cut down the huge electricity bills through solar energy. That is why Shawn founded Efficient Home Services to help customers save their money. Shawn will ensure that your energy bills are tracked for the first 12 months after installing their upgrades and if promised results are not achieved, Efficient Home Services will figure out the problem and fix it.

Why Shawn Is A Thought Leader In The Industry & Beyond

Shawn is passionate about inspiring young entrepreneurs to get started in the dreams and how to live their dreams. He is interested in seeing small businesses grow to become multiple million companies. His vast experience in consultation and marketing has also helped him achieve this goal. Earning more than $40 million in revenue, he stands to be a role model for upcoming entrepreneurs. Shawn also has vast knowledge in getting licensed, getting leads, and building brands. 

Something else that makes Shawn a thought leader in the industry is his consistency. He is always willing to move out of the “idea” stage into the state of influence and authority. He believes in himself and always traces the route to arrive at the targeted results no matter the challenges. These traits have made Shawn win many energy battles. When Shawn got a job with the solar company, he grasped the idea and later built a focused team. The team’s persistence made them move from home to home daily sharing their ideas about going solar. They pitched many people with the concept and achieved their target of reaching as many households as possible. All he wanted was for owners to achieve energy efficiency within their homes since he had a rich energy efficiency experience for over a decade. 

Is Efficient Home Services The Next Big Thing?

Shawn Henry started Efficient Home Services in 2011. At the time of the company’s launching, no other Florida company offered various cost-saving solutions in energy. Shawn took advantage of this gap in the market and scaled his business from $0 to more than $40 million per month. 

Since then Efficient Home Services has also appeared in the INC 5000 list as a leading brand in energy. The company has also featured in various networks such as Forbes, Entrepreneur and ABC. What made the company a success is its value for customers. Shawn has ensured that the business offers its clients a free energy audit. They have a team of talented experts who look at every inch of your house, from the water heater to the HVAC system. They will also examine your windows and doors, thermostat and vents, outlets, pool pump, and breaker panel to determine energy inefficiencies.

The Efficient Home Services design team helps clients find the best energy to enhance their homes based on their budget. This solution is excellent for today’s high population, combined with growing energy demands. Moreover, the persistent economic pressures compel more and more people to look for alternatives that save money. Smart solutions such as attic insulation help keep indoor temperatures cool, especially during summer or when temperatures drop. 

Shawn is a thought leader as he did not hesitate to make changes to solar energy. He continually helps homeowners make this decision when they work with EHS. For more information on energy efficiency, you can connect to him on his social media handles. 


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