Here Is How You “Out-Fox & Out-Market” Your Competitors Using Real Real Time Dynamic Marketing


Sales and marketing teams need efficient marketing mediums to achieve high-quality leads. Competition is increasing exponentially across all industries due to the rise of social media and mobile. Besides, technology has brought global competitors to your smartphone while the dynamic nature of today’s economy makes every business vulnerable regardless of its financial strength or situation. As a result, for you to stay ahead of the competition, you must utilize differentiating marketing strategy. 

Jim Clouse is a serial entrepreneur who teaches business owners of every size how to “out-fox and out-market” their competitors by using real time dynamic marketing technology. Jim is the inventor, founder, and CEO of ClikitySplit, the world’s first and only real time dynamic marketing engine as well as the world’s fastest vertical search engine, 1000 times faster than Google!  Jim’s passion for building ClikitySplit is to teach business owners how to effectively and affordably market in real time. 

Jim is a pioneer in online mapping and first displayed search results visually via GPS in April 1998 on static maps. If you want to out-fox and out-market your competitors with the current evolving markets, you must implement real time dynamic marketing. In this article, you will learn how to “out-fox and out-market” your competitors by using ClikitySplit.

Differentiating Your Business from Competitors 

Differentiation is the key to business success.  ClikitySplit empowers business owners to visually stand out from their competitors by running “Hot Deals” and “Coupons” often via Flash Sales and other sales incentives. 

Once the content is changed, ClikitySplit immediately pushes notifications to the business’s Facebook timeline, Twitter feed, and on an opt-in basis, to the business follower’s smartphones.  Indeed, Real-Time dynamic marketing IS the future of mobile marketing. 

ClikitySplit teaches marketers, even the one person mom-and-pop business, how to build a rich, multimedia mobile website in 20-25 minutes with ClikitySplit’s wizard, how to effectively and affordably market online and mobile, and how to change their content in 2-3 minutes to run enticing “Hot Deals” that drive traffic. 

The business’s mobile website contains all the rich multimedia marketing  tools available today, including video, audio, slideshow, menus, quick information and guest reviews. Using ClikitySplit’s revolutionary real time marketing technology, seizing the attention of the end user is immediate and eternal.

Capturing True “Narrowcast Analytics.”

But ClikitySplit doesn’t stop there.  One of ClikitySplit’s most powerful features is its unique ability to capture true “narrowcast analytics”- -the holy grail of marketing- -which has thus far been an unattainable goal of every marketer. Capturing “True Narrowcast Analytics” is one of ClikitySplit’s patented claims.

Since ClikitySplit displays search results based on specific, narrow parameters (e.g. Restaurants → Steak) and businesses that fall within the displayed map’s GPS coordinates, each time an end user accesses the business’s proprietary mobile website every interaction with that “dynamic billboard” is captured.  For example, ClikitySplit shows the number of times “Hot Deals” were viewed and how many times the promo code in “Hot Deals” was tapped.

At midnight, the “true narrowcast analytics” are emailed to business management, advising them to which of their marketing endeavors returned a positive return on investment and which ones were a waste of time and money. No other website can do that!

The Evolution of Mobile Marketing

ClikitySplit brings a simple, fast, effective, and affordable mobile marketing solution to the marketplace, turning ordinary advertisers into savvy marketers by empowering them to differentiate their business from their competitors while seizing and keeping the end user’s attention.  When these tools are added to your marketing arsenal, your competitors will never catch up.   Using ClikitySplit, you are limited only by your imagination and creativity. 

See ClikitySplit in Action

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