How To Improve Your Cash Flow By Improving Your Employee Retention With Azaan Subhani


Employee retention is continuing to be a hot topic in the recruitment space. Businesses find it challenging to keep their employees as the pandemic amplified the Great Resignation phenomenon. Researchers showed that about 35% of workers might quit annually by 2023.

Recruitment and retention consultant Azaan Subhani said that employee retention is vital to achieving business success. Azaan noted that the correct number of employees could help you achieve your business goals.

He added that employee retention should be a company’s priority today. “The current paradigm shifts on what employees want in their work and lives brought by COVID is undeniably affecting employee retention,” he continued.

Old Way Of Doing Things

Since entering the recruitment space, Azaan has observed two things about recruiting agencies. “I always hear from my clients that most recruiting agencies have a very low barrier to entry and that most recruiters do not care about employee retention,” he added.

Azaan noted that these recruiting agencies would send candidates to their clients, hoping they would leave after three or four months to send another person back to them.

“What most recruiting agencies are doing is a CV harvesting operation. They gather CVs from candidates and send that stack of CVs to their clients. Then, the client selects a candidate and gets a hefty fee,” Azaan explained.

He continued that the candidate left the organization after less than a year. “You will start the recruitment process again and pay the agency another hefty fee once more to get new talents,” he added.

The Cost Of Low Employee Retention

“I want organizations to realize that hiring the wrong candidate can cost their business,” Azaan said. He explained that, at the minimum, it would cost these organizations six figures in lost revenues, business disruption, and commercial downtime. “You also need to shell out more money in paying recruiting agencies because you need to fill the same role every four to six months as candidates keep on leaving the organization,” he added.

Azaan said that when a new hire leaves in less than a year, the reason often could have been identified during the hiring process. “You might have been given what went wrong in the hiring process and what could be done to improve the procedures. However, you always set aside these considerations to give way for the pressing need to fill the vacant role,” he explained.

Consequently, he said the employer gets caught up in a vicious cycle of hiring the wrong candidate who leaves the organization after several months. The employer has no choice but to start the recruitment process again.

Solution: An Advanced Recruitment Process

Azaan said that Marlin Strafe offers the right platform to break the vicious circle of recruitment and avoid hiring the wrong candidate. “Our tool, Strafe Search®, can help you save money by reducing employee turnover. It can also repair the hidden damage caused by using outdated hiring methods or old-fashioned recruiters,” he added. He continued that a failed recruitment process can hurt the team morale and affect productivity.

With Strafe Search®, Azaan said employers would no longer worry about hiring the wrong candidate. “We can reduce the recruitment costs by approximately 60%, which will greatly improve your cash flow,” he added.

Azaan assures that their tool is so refined that 96% of the candidates they place are still in employment 12 months later. “You can break free from the vicious circle of recruitment and enhance your employee retention,” he added. Many of Marlin Strafe’s clients say they have a higher retention rate with the Strafe Search® platform than other tools.

“We also help you save time by expediting the decision-making process,” Azaan said. With Strafe Search®, reviewing a shortlist of candidates is fast and easy. “You can easily share candidates’ online profiles to your colleague anywhere in the world,” he added.

“Our unique selling proposition is we can guarantee a 96% retention rate for your new hires for the first 12 months. If they do leave, I will take it personally to fix the problem for you. That’s how much I believe in our system,” Azaan explained.

He said that the cloud-based solutions, multiple loads of psychometric tests, and behavioral analysis and testing used in their platform make it the best tool for any organization’s hiring process.

Azaan said that using Strafe Search® will lessen your expenses associated with replacing people who left the company. “Our platform can help you get talents that will stay in the company long-term. You will no longer spend a lot of money on recruiting and training a replacement for an employee. As a result, you will have a better cash flow because of the savings you get by improving employee retention,” he added.

On A Final Note

Azaan urges organizations to use Strafe Search®. It is a tool proven to land suitable candidates and increase their retention rate. Since 2020, he said that the platform has played an essential role in the hiring process of numerous companies and helped them find the right candidate who will stay long-term in their companies. 
Why suffer from the high costs of employee turnover when you can improve employee retention through technology? Visit and drop them a message.


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