John Lennon’s son refused to name favourite Beatles song


    John Lennon had his second child, Sean Ono Lennon, with his second wife, Yoko Ono, in 1975. Just five years later the former member of The Beatles was assassinated outside his home in New York City on December 8, 1980. He was just 40-years-old. John remains one of the most influential songwriters the world has ever seen, penning such classics as Imagine, Happy Xmas (War Is Over) and All You Need Is Love. But Sean struggled to name his own favourite track of his father’s.

    Sean was interviewed about his own work and his father’s legacy in 2014, where he was quizzed over which questions he hated being asked. He responded: “There are questions you don’t even want to bring up. You don’t want to bring that bad magic into the room. I have to say, to be honest, I don’t like it when people ask me what my favourite Beatles song is. I always get that.”

    Sean then defended his stance, pointing out: “First of all, I don’t like having to pick a favourite thing anyway. You can’t pick a favourite Beatles song! What about Strawberry Fields? What about Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds? What about Tomorrow Never Knows? Come on.”

    Sean later added: “That question is small-minded to think you could even have a favourite Beatles song.”

    A year later, however, he went back on what he said. Sean was outright asked what his favourite Beatles song was, and he responded: “I tend to like the more elaborate stuff.”

    He even got quite specific, adding: “I like the period between Revolver and The White Album; that period is my favourite. So, Sgt Pepper’s, Magical Mystery and then the more psychedelic stuff; that’s just where my taste is because I like the more experimental songwriting, more progressive songwriting.”

    Sean then pointed out two of his favourite hits, both of which were extraordinarily successful for The Beatles.

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    John was asked about his favourite tracks in 1970 where he revealed: “I always liked [I Am The] Walrus, Strawberry Fields, Help, In My Life.” But the journalist interviewing him was keen to interject and demand to know why John held Help! in such high regard. 

    John replied: “Because I meant it, it’s real. The lyric is as good now as it was then, it’s no different, you know. It makes me feel secure to know that I was that sensible or whatever -well, not sensible, but aware of myself. That’s with no acid, no nothing… well pot or whatever. It was just me singing ‘help’, and I meant it, you know? I don’t like the recording that much, the song I like. We did it too fast to try and be commercial.”


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    John Lennon’s son refused to name favourite Beatles song


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