Music + Art + Perspective = The Map Of Self-Discovery

music art
Photo Credit: Nü Androids

As we live in an evolving society, there will always be discoveries and ideas that will have a different impact on each of us. No matter whether that be through medicine, culture, or technology, there are always groundbreaking innovations coming to life in our world that affect all of us differently. The arts is an area of exploration that always takes advantage of expanding its culture to the next level through its resources – whether through music, visual art, or body movement. In this particular case, music, art, and technology have bound to collaborate on some exquisite projects that allow individuals to expand their minds and open them up to endless possibilities. These are better known as music & art experiences, which can be viewed as music & art exhibitions. 

You might be familiar with the music & art concept – Meow Wolf, the physical experimental museum that offers creative experiences through colorful characters and objects that coincidentally tell a story. Meow Wolf hosts exhibits in the Western United States like Santa Fe, Las Vegas, and Denver, with more concepts coming soon to Texas. As a creative exhibit, it reflects society’s fascination with music and art. However, Meow Wolf isn’t the only brand revolutionizing the consumer entertainment market. You thought there was only one concept elevating the music & art world, didn’t you?

Two completely transformative music and art exhibits are set to leave you mystified and left speechless in the most sensational way your eyes could ever imagine. Though they are located on opposite coasts in the country, Wisdome and Nü Androids share the same passion for blending music, art, energy, and community. While The Wisdome is an immersive art and meditation concept in Los Angeles, which encourages individuals to expand their minds and explore new levels of consciousness, music is woven into the Nü Androids installation, which creates a nightclub atmosphere.

“The art and music that we present in this immersive format are intended to be transformational and inspirational.” Wisdome co-founder Stephen Powers explains. “We hope that people are moved and experience something they haven’t seen before and that it may invite them to even look at their own lives from the art and music they’ve heard, and think, ‘How can I contribute more? How can I improve who I am?’”

music art
Wisdome At Night; Photo Courtesy of Light Years Ahead PR

Wisdome is an immersive art gallery in LA that aims to encourage individuals to explore reality, expand their understanding of themselves, and step into a greater sense of community. As the root word for Wisdome represents “wisdom”, this interactive music and art installation serves as a safe space of expression and discovery for individuals. There’s an underlying purpose when it comes to uplifting the human spirit. As there are many forms of meditation that society goes through today, Wisdome’s unique selling proposition is the spectacular visuals they project on their Dome. This involves high-resolution projectors, in which artists create art and films for individuals to immerse themselves.

“When you are in your meditation practice looking at the roof of some building, you are looking at something that has infinite depth,” Stephen describes. “It can take you to an island near Bali, India, or even a fantasy land in your imagination. It is the unique visuals that we project on the Dome that make everything that we do very special and distinct. We are trans-denominational and just about wisdom, and that comes from all the great wisdom traditions.” 

From a site that began as a full-service dome installation company, that manufactures and installs domes, the 360-degree music, art, and meditation concept eventually became possible. Interaction, collaboration, and connection are three elements that Stephen believes illustrate the creative process of Wisdome. 

“We use visuals, music, audio, light, and sound in unique ways,” Stephen says. “Together, along with an incredible team of computer graphics, CG, and digital artists, we’re sitting here in the Wisdome booth surrounded by the art of the visionary artist, Andrew ‘Android’ Jones.”

Every week provides a different experience to expand the mindset above and beyond. For example, you might witness a shamanistic thing one week, then a Hindu or Buddhist thing the next, and finally maybe you’ll witness a Christian tradition the next week. The wisdom traditions vary in the depth of meaning they hold for those who choose to participate and explore beyond their reach.

“No matter what crowd people belong to, everybody enjoys what’s going on,” Stephen says. “We are together as a society, effectively creating a new way of relating. We hope that our domes, experiences, and the art & music we present will bring that forth for people.” 

As Wisdome is an engaging art gallery that encourages individuals to explore reality, Nü Androids cultivates euphoria through the cultivation of artists and experiences in the D.C. area and beyond. The one-of-a-kind space is built to evoke the nuances of culture. It allows creatives, music enthusiasts, and partygoers to relish the nuances of its collective culture and flow-through activities that leave the entire body feeling rejuvenated and energized within a transportive environment. Nayef Issa, the founder of Nü Androids, claims one of the main goals of the organization is to cultivate a sense of community, as that is his favorite feature of the concept. 

music art
Photo Credit: Nü Androids
music art
Photo Credit: Nü Androids

“I have always wanted to make Nü Androids a lifestyle brand at the intersection of music, art, fashion, lifestyle, health, and more,” Nayef says. “I know so many people who have met their best friends, lovers, wives, etc. Anytime someone is introduced to the brand, our events, and the community we have cultivated, the first thing they say is how welcoming it feels, and I love that. I want people to be able to attend our events, leave their woes at the door, and just enjoy the moment and music with light-minded people. So many people have come up to me and just thank me for creating a space for them to let loose and meet cool people, and I love it.” 

Both Wisdome and Nü Androids do their best to always make you think, wonder, and smile regardless of what type of art they use, as music and art concepts thrive in the immersive media and entertainment world today. Although these installations use different mediums, they serve the same purpose by either serving as craft backgrounds or providing an immersive, physically-based experience. Whether it is using tactile and visual experiences, or a more high-tech approach like projection mapping, computer graphics, 360-degree imaging, and cameras, the concepts still promote growth and harmony between people.

“I think the new paradigm is that we can all win, whereas the old paradigm implies that there is a limited amount,” Stephen explains. “The universe as a whole is infinitely beneficial, and if I prosper, everyone else can prosper, instead of believing there is scarcity. So we have this sort of shared sense that I don’t have to have you be in poverty for me to be enriched – we can all rise together.”

Nü Androids’ events have always changed in size and scope, and what started as music events slowly morphed into installation art when more pop-ups appeared. In their “Dimensions Experience” concept, attendees explored the outside installations while partying in the warehouse, where the dance floor was located in the middle of the room. In 2019, they also hosted a music & art event in an abandoned Macy’s department store, where about 50 musicians, artists, and creators joined together to create a futuristic nightclub environment.

“I think what makes us stand out is that we know how to throw a party and create vibes,” Nayef says. “While we are doing interactive installations, you will want to stay, dance, and meet people – whereas, in most other art concepts, you come in with a date or some friends, take some pictures for a few minutes, and then bounce out.” 

Through all these energetic movements within these concepts, these are opportunities to maintain and improve your wellness. These founders are constantly working on their well-being to find better work-life balances, just like us. Being able to host these wellness events helps them better understand what it is about. One of them even experienced an unfortunate traumatic event that motivated him to desire to give back to his community.

music art
Photo Credit: Nü Androids
music art
LP Giobbi; Photo Credit: Nü Androids

“I tell this to people all the time – we teach best what we need to know most, right?” Stephen explains. “Something that we are very powerful and passionate about is often something that we need to know. And in my particular case, a long time ago when I was a young man, my younger sister was killed by a drunk driver and she was only fifteen at the time. It impacted me in a very powerful way and I took that energy and I said I want to give back. I ended up opening a performing arts center called Charlotte’s Web, as her name was Charlotte and it was my healing journey while it was also simultaneously there for other people. But in creating joy for them, I was creating joy for myself. So this experience is exactly that – for me. The more that I can give, the more that I can serve, the more that I can create joy – and the more it just cycles right back to me.”


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