Review: Pete Correale is ‘Authentic’ as ever at The Paramount

Pete Correale
Pete Correale. Photo Courtesy of Pete Correale

On January 13, acclaimed stand-up comedian Pete Correale headlined The Paramount in Huntington on Long Island, where he was “Authentic” as ever. #Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos has the recap.

Andy Pitz served as his opening act, and he warmed up the stage for him.

Correale kicked off his headlining set by making fun of the Long Island Rail Road, where one can easily do cannonballs in the seat in front of you. He shared that he is excited to be at The Paramount on Long Island. He noted that he worked out today, however, he forgot his shorts. He also observed that most people get their coffee from the drive-thru windows at coffee shops these days, and that he doesn’t want anyone knowing how much sugar and cream he puts in his coffee.

Whenever he stays at hotels, he noted that he goes through towels as if they were napkins. He shared that he has a 10-year-old daughter and a dog. He lives in Western New York in the Upstate region, where he is 10 miles away from a reservation, where the weed is abundant.

He apologized for his use of F-bombs throughout the show, but he noted that he can’t help himself, especially because he comes from Long Island.

Towards the second half of his show, he acknowledged that he is getting older in age, and he had issues with his hip, hence the hip replacement. He underscored his love for anesthesia, and how great and how powerful it is. The same holds true for his love for pizza.

Even though his wife may sweat in her sleep, he still does not like sleeping alone (so he wants to have her next to him, especially in case he were to have any heart issues, he would have someone to make the call). He expressed that he is “very happily married” even though it feels like he has been “married forever.” He is also eye for an eye with money, and he reminded us about the incident when he bought ice cream with freezer burn (from a prior special).

Correale opened up about his upbringing. He grew up in Levittown on Long Island, where he comes from a half-Irish family, and they used to hang out in the kitchen, where the sink was the ashtray.

Other topics he poked fun included Jodie Foster, Pit bulls (and how he prefers a German Shepherd), and the Waffle House.

Correale expressed his love for Long Island, especially The Paramount venue, which he proclaimed as “the best theater in the country,” and rightfully so.

The Verdict

Overall, Pete Correale’s show at The Paramount was engaging, witty, and a great deal of fun. He exuded a great deal of charm, quick wit, and charisma. It was nice to hear some newer material from him that folks might not have heard from his specials. He interacted well with the audience over the course of the night. It is highly recommended that one sees Pete Correale whenever he comes to town. One will not be disappointed. His comedic set garnered two thumbs up.

To learn more about Pete Correale, check out his official website and follow him on Instagram.