Richard Hatch – Apollo from Battlestar Galactica Dies at 71

RIchard Hatch - Photo Courtesy Shutterstock by Helga Esteb

Richard Hatch well known for his role as Apollo on Battlestar Galactica died today at the age of 71 from Pancreatic Cancer. Richard was nominated for a Golden Globe and recently had a role a new the new Batttlestar Galactica TV series as Tom Zarek.

His career spanned 5 decades starting in 1971 on All My Children where he played Richard Brent. He appeared in many TV shows such as Kung Fu, Barnaby Jones, Hawaii Five-O, The Waltons and Chips.

Hatch attempted to reunite the original cast of Battlestar Galactica in for a reboot in the 1998 called the second coming. Universal Studios did not support the remake, but it became a popular topic on the convention circuit. He eventually joined the new show as Tom Zarek, a former terrorist turned politician. Hatch continued to be a big draw in recent years at such conventions as ComicCon.

Hatch was born on May 21, 1945 in Sana Monica, California and is survived by a son.


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