The Growing Reputation of Vavoom Vodka in the Alcohol Industry


Vavoom Vodka has gained quite a popularity in recent months, having hit a growth rate of 300%, surpassing its goals. Vavoom Vodka is a premium spirits brand that exclusively sells alcohol online directly to consumers. 

The CEO, Luke Battiloro, who is also a philanthropist, settled on making one of the smoothest and finest Vodka in the market today after lacking appealing choices of alcohol to an event he attended. He wanted to buy a bottle of Vodka for the event and realized all the bottles were not aesthetically pleasing so he decided to create his own.

The Smooth Taste Of Vodka

Luke Battiloro entered a $29 billion industry and first started by designing the elegant Vavoom Vodka bottle, then working with a Vodka manufacturer with over 30 years of experience creating custom and high-end vodka. The drink was a 100% grain-based, gluten-free, and a five-time distilled premium spirit formula. The smooth taste of vodka hits differently among consumers. The drink compliments any party and is an outstanding gift at any event. After all, getting to events is how the idea of the vavoom vodka came to be. 

The bottle is one conventional art sculpted out of glass, handcrafted in Milan, Italy. The physical appearance displays the figure of a beautiful young woman stretching skyward. At the forefront of the design was the CEO, Battiloro, who put his hands on the piece’s curation. After years of making, the piece turned out spectacular, exceeding expectations. It turned out as the founder’s vision portraying ideas of “be beautiful” and “be you.” This work of art compelled many consumers and has been a huge success factor.

Disrupting The Alcohol Industry

Unlike other privately-held equity firms that own numerous alcohol brands and deal with distributors, Vavoom Vodka’s success results from its design, Luke’s years of experience, and premium product. His years of experience in entrepreneurship gave Luke the upper hand in knowing how to start and scale Vavoom vodka. The brand does not channel its products through distributors but rather directly to consumers through an eCommerce business model and has won many consumers’ hearts that way. 

Selling online has been the best success trigger as they have reached a wide audience and stayed valid during the pandemic. The brand was able to survive and grow amidst COVID-19 as they beat their competitors in the alcohol industry.

The end goal of this vavoom vodka was to change how people looked at alcohol. Luke Battiloro brought sophistication and aesthetics that gave the brand the tag “premium” spirit. At $169.99, you get a bottle shipped to your home with pretty shiny packaging, and you enjoy not only the refinement of the bottle but also the taste of the alcohol.

Wrap Up

Luke Battiloro’s plan on Vavoom Vodka is to give back to the community. The design already creates a message around the brand that encourages women’s empowerment. As an enthusiastic philanthropist, everything he does spreads a message across the board.

Now, as a sensation in the alcohol market, you ought not miss out on this incredible and exciting vodka experience. You can check Vavoom Vodka out at their website.


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