The Raid Netflix remake: ‘This will be trash’ fans enraged over reboot


    The Raid: Redemption and The Raid 2 were massive hits, both in their home country of Indonesia and around the world. For years, fans have been calling out for a third instalment, but instead, they will be getting an American remake. Original director Gareth Evans is returning to oversee the project at Netflix, but fans are in disbelief over the news.

    There has been a longstanding curse in Hollywood over American remakes of Asian fan-favourites, with recent examples including Ghost in the Shell starring Scarlett Johansson and Cowboy Bepop, both major flops for the respective studios. Now fans of the original The Raid’s believe its remake is heading for a similar fate.  

    The story originally first broke on January 11, confirming that the remake will transplant the plot of the original from Indonesia to Philadelphia, USA. Specifically, it will be located in the city’s Badlands region, a notorious part of North and Lower Northeast Philadelphia known for its drug violence.

    Speaking to Deadline, the producers of the project said: “We’re incredibly excited about Patrick’s unique vision for this film. It’s a distinctly original take on the material, which promises to pay great respect to the original film while also bringing a fresh approach and perspective that will set its own course in the action genre.”

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    Of course, not everyone is upset over the news, with @CheesyMan2022 writing: “I’m cool with it.” @chubrolin replied: “I’m cool with it too.”

    There was more positive feedback, especially due to Evans’ involvement, with @Ndoneo7 adding: “He directed the other Raid movies. If he wants to do one for America, then that’s his prerogative.”

    The story will once again see a group of elite SWAT officers attack, and get trapped in, an enormous apartment block, much like the original.

    Comparisons have also been made with 2012’s Dredd, the comic book remake that was released just one year after the original The Raid. It follows a similar plot, in which Judge Dredd (played by Karl Urban) enters an apartment complex and must fight his way out to stay alive.

    Published at Tue, 11 Jan 2022 12:45:00 +0000

    The Raid Netflix remake: ‘This will be trash’ fans enraged over reboot


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