A Dream Come True: Told By The Magical Musician, Baelien

Photo Credit: Holden Brown

There is something mysterious about the supernatural Baelien that captures the ears and hearts of many. With her distinct psychedelic persona, Baelien has established herself as a force to reckon with, utilizing unique samples, experimental bass music, and her own vocals to deliver a tingly sensation to all parts of one’s body. In addition, she is one of the owners of Venus Collective LLC, an entertainment company based in Dallas, Texas that is home to over twenty female DJs spanning multiple genres. Her energy has led her to perform across the country, opening for some of the biggest names in electronic music, like DirtySnatcha, Minnesota, SubDocta, MeSo, Good Times Ahead, and more as well as landing her five major music festival bookings this past year including Dancefestopia, Electric Arts Festival, Freaky Deaky, Lights All Night, and Backwoods this upcoming April.  

Baelien performing at Lights All Night 2022 // Photo Credit: Holden Brown

Amanda Luznar, aka. Baelien is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and producer/DJ that is sure to make any crowd catch the vibe. Her sets are vibrant and sample-heavy, so you are sure to hear something you recognize… just in a new and super quirky way. This year, she plans to incorporate live instrumentation into her sets and production, focusing on vocals and percussion to really connect with the crowd.

The music influences that Baelien picks up on are vibes, which she continuously listens to, and for the future, she draws inspiration from that. In her music, she incorporates many world sounds, obtaining inspiration from artists such as CloZee and LSDream. Incorporating different highs and lows into a sound is something she enjoys doing, and the crowd assures her what they want to hear with their energy. As far as a musical component that jumps out, she claims the world noises she incorporates stand out the most.

The Wonderful “Mellow Brick Road”

Photo Credit: Fevermatic Studios

Baelien’s new hit single, “Mellow Brick Road” went viral with more than 75k Spotify streams and 700k YouTube views in just one month! Her track was inspired by the Yellow Brick Road Tour that she performed in 2021, which earned her her first booking at Dancefestopia in Kansas, and later in 2022, she was invited back for the second round as the judge’s choice. After heavy marketing by her management team and so much well-deserved attention, she was able to secure some of her dream opportunities. At the beginning of 2022, she set the intention to play festivals like Freaky Deaky and Lights All Night, as well as have her music seen and heard all over the world – and she had manifested all of those. 

“Mellow Brick Road” pays homage to who she is, introducing the world to Baelien, plus the touch of tough times. It showcases her ability to produce and also sings and raps, giving her a bit more edge than an ordinary DJ.

“‘Mellow Brick Road’ was a track that I never expected it to be, starting off as just a chill beat!” Amanda explains. “A separate element from some old freestyle session popped into my head and became the hook. I worked on more composition for about thirty minutes, and it was finished and meant to be! My biggest surprise is that things spent the least time on while not stressing out about it can be so easy to put together because it can turn into something great! Next year is all about getting all my production out to the world and having enough to play an all-original set!” 

Watch the “Mellow Brick Road” below: 

What 2023 Has In Store For Baelien

Baelien performing at Dancefestopia // Photo Credit: John Wayne

Baelien’s biggest desire is to share and spread the love and light that has changed her life.

“I want to spread that love and acceptance – no matter where people are at, no matter what they’re going through, I don’t give a bug. I’m here for you. This music is here for you. Like, vibe with me. Let’s dance. Let’s celebrate that we are here and alive. I know so many people that are hurting and going through so much, and I hear it all the time. The dance community is therapy, and it is so beautiful what we are offering to everyone.” 

Baelien intends to embark on her first out-of-state tour this year, hitting cities like Chicago, Nashville, Austin, and more in an effort to raise awareness of her formal debut booking at the Backwoods Music Festival in the Mulberry Mountains of Arkansas (buy tickets here). She also has a new clothing collaboration coming out with Scott Atomic this month additionally to recently getting cast to DJ a rave sequence in a forthcoming film. 

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