Nostalgia Meets Innovation In MitiS’s Latest EP, Memories

MitiS Memories
Photo Credit: Brandon Densley, DNZ_media

Known for incorporating melodic dubstep, trance, and drum and bass elements into his music, Joe Torre aka. MitiS continuously emits the most energetic vibrations. His distinctive sound has earned him widespread recognition within the dance music community, having achieved success through a series of well-received remixes and original compositions. As one of the leading names in progressive and melodic dubstep music, he continues to push the boundaries of electronic music. With his recent EP Memories, he has become a greater embodiment of who he is and who he is becoming.

Continuing to pay tribute to his musical roots and passionate fans, the BORN label head unveiled his latest project Memories this weekend. Memories represents a return to the nostalgic, fan-favorite sounds that established his career initially. As classic MitiS tracks inspire it such as “In My Eyes” and “Written Emotions”, Joe’s vocal-free melodic dubstep style reflects the style of his everlasting classic tracks. With a nod to his roots, Memories acts not just as an audible lesson in melodic dubstep’s history, but also as a much-needed deviation from his normal artistic process.

“I started getting a little burnt out writing around vocals or with vocals or needing structures that fit vocalists,” Joe says. “I used to only write instrumental music, so I decided to go back and write with my soul and for fun.” 

For listeners, Memories strikes a chord and evokes a flood of nostalgic emotions within the dubstep community, hence the title. In fact, that is also MitiS’s favorite element about the project!

“The OG vibe of Memories is what makes it stand out,” Joe says. “It takes me back to the golden days of electronic dance music between 2010 and 2013, and holds a special place in my heart as a symbol of what the genre meant to so many people.” 

With its uplifting melodies and nostalgic feels, Memories promises to be a standout release that will leave a lasting impression on listeners. 

“I just want people to feel love and happiness through it,” Joe expresses. “I write to bring joy to my life, so I hope that is portrayed through my music. My hope is that Memories can bring happiness into the lives of those who listen to it.”

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