'A national disgrace!' BBC skewered in brutal shutdown of 'atrocious' national broadcaster


    Speaking to talkRADIO, royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams slammed the BBC in a brutal takedown. He branded the BBC as a “national disgrace” and Martin Bashir as “atrocious” in a stinging tirade at the taxpayer-funded corporation. His comments come in the wake of Lord Dyson’s review which found Mr Bashir and the Beeb had been “deceitful” and “covered up” their tactics to secure the world exclusive Panorama interview with Princess Diana, which included using forged documents to gain access to the late Princess of Wales.

    Mr Fitzwilliams said: “The national broadcaster has become a national disgrace!

    “And there is no doubt that you can feel, as you read the statement and as you listen to Prince William the grief, the anger he feels.”

    He added how the Duke of Cambridge: “Has absolutely targeted the points, the lies, using faked documents, made lurid and false claims…

    “Displayed woeful incompetence, evasive in their reporting.”

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    The BBC has come under huge fire this week following a scathing review by Lord Dyson into the BBC’s behaviour prior to and following Martin Bashir’s world-exclusive Panorama interview with the late Princess Diana.

    The review outlines how the BBC “covered up” an inquiry into the forged documents used by Mr Bashir to secure the infamous interview.

    It also added how “deceitful” practices were deployed in order to gain access to Princess Di via her brother, Earl Spencer amongst a host of other findings which have torn apart the reputation of the BBC as a taxpayer-funded body.

    In response to the findings, Prince William dealt a devastating blow to the BBC in a statement attacking the core practices of the BBC and branded the Panorama interview which his late mother featured as having “no legitimacy and should never be aired again.”

    Published at Sun, 23 May 2021 08:03:00 +0000

    'A national disgrace!' BBC skewered in brutal shutdown of 'atrocious' national broadcaster


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