A Place in the Sun: Laura Hamilton leaves pair deflated as she warns ‘Need reality check!’


    Channel 4 viewers were jetted off to Almeria, Spain on Friday as Laura Hamilton tried to find house-hunters Andrew and Sonia their dream holiday home. With a budget of around £160,000, the two were keen on landing a luxurious property complete with large pool, large outdoor areas and stunning scenery. However, given the location’s popularity, Laura had to dish out a “reality check” to the two when they took issue with the first property Laura had to offer.

    Andrew and Sonia were pillars of optimism heading into the house hunt, keen to land the perfect property to set them up for future retirement. 

    And the first property Laura had up her sleeve appeared to tick the duo’s boxes, complete with a pool, garage and two areas of outdoor space.

    However, it became clear as soon as they stepped foot on property number one that Andrew and Sonia had much more idealistic views in mind.

    The two-bedroom house was on the market for a newly reduced £158,000, although Laura noted the owner would listen to offers around £150,000.

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    However, the price still wasn’t enough to win the two over when they began their scan around the house by the pool.

    Both Andrew and Sonia commented they’d prefer a bigger pool and more outdoor space – even when Laura pointed out there was a side garden.

    And the desire for larger space continued indoors when Laura showed them the stylish and modern kitchen of property number one.

    After commenting the kitchen area was a bit too small like the garden, Laura jumped in: “I do have to give a bit of a reality check here.”

    Sadly, Laura fared no better with property two, with the pair citing that it would need too much work to be a viable contender.

    And property three went completely the other way when Laura showed them the three-bed villa with a large plot of land.

    This option was ruled out by Andrew and Sonia for having too much room to manage thanks to the outdoor space.

    Andrew and Sonia eventually ended up deciding inland Almeria wasn’t the place for them altogether, with the pair explaining the dry air was causing Sonia health problems.

    Published at Fri, 29 Jan 2021 15:46:00 +0000

    A Place in the Sun: Laura Hamilton leaves pair deflated as she warns ‘Need reality check!’


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