AC/DC new album: CRYPTIC new video teases the band’s rumoured comeback – WATCH


AC/DC new album: CRYPTIC new video teases the band’s rumoured comeback – WATCH

Following the conclusion of their 2016 Rock or Bust World Tour, AC/DC have been pretty silent. Of course, a lot has happened to the band in that time, with Brian Johnson’s hearing loss, Cliff Williams’ retirement and Phil Rudd’s legal troubles. While, most notably, Malcolm Young’s death three years ago looked like it really was the end of AC/DC.

But after a whole host of rumours, it now looks like the band is coming back with a brand new album.

The latest official tease came today with a cryptic video on the band’s official social media accounts.

The short footage simply saw a red neon sign of AC/DC’s lighting bolt symbol flickering on.

If anything, this proves a big announcement is just around the corner.

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By the sounds of it, AC/DC have recorded a final album with the late Malcolm Young’s unreleased recordings.

This would be similar to Queen’s Made In Heaven album with Freddie Mercury’s vocals, released four years after the star died.

While in early September, Brian Johnson shared his AC/DC 2021 tour hopes and gave an update on Angus Young’s health.

Speaking on Joe Walsh’s Old Fashioned Rock N’ Roll, the 72-year-old said: “It would be lovely just to get out there, stand on that stage, and just give it everything you’ve got.”

He added: It’s going to be the biggest roar you’ll ever hear in your life, when any band, anywhere in the world, stands up there. It’s going to be brilliant!”

While on Angus and the rest of AC/DC, the singer said: “Actually, it’s the craziest thing. His wife, Ella, she loves to cook. And that’s what we were talking about — how to make scones. It had nothing to do with music. And Angus is safe and well.”

“And so is Phil [Rudd – AC/DC drummer]. Cliff [Williams – AC/DC bassist[ is up in the mountains of North Carolina…

“Cliff’s a huntin’ and shootin’ and fishin’ man. And I don’t know where Stevie [Young – AC/DC rhythm guitarist] is. He’s somewhere.”

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