Apex Legends reset: Respawn offer Apex Legends Account Reset level 1 update


    Some major issues have been affecting some of EA’s most popular games tonight, including an Apex Legends Account Reset bug.

    The good news is that developers Respawn know about the problems and are looking to fix the issues tonight.

    They haven’t suggested that these problems with gamers losing their progression will be permanent, and problems like these have happened in the past.

    However, that isn’t helping those who are worried about what is happening to their Apex account.

    From those who have temporarily lost their progress, some Apex Legends accounts have been reset back to Level 1, losing everything apart from cosmetic items.

    Respawn has provided some background to these issues; however, it’s unclear how best to avoid the same bug affecting your own account.

    One affected user shared their own problems online, telling gamers: “My account progress has reset, I’ve lost all badges from prior ranked seasons, but all my cosmetics and currencies seem intact.

    “I Got off with an EA support agent, and he said he was just informed the issue is widespread but that he expects all info is safely backed up and once a fix is found, it will be restored.

    “After leveling up my season pass a few levels, you don’t get the rewards a second time.”

    Another affected gamer responded: “Logging into your account doesn’t “activate” the bug. If your account was affected, it will be that way whether or not you actually log in to check.”

    “If the error is when the game retrieves data saved then logging in will cause a progress wipe, but that’s only if the error occurs when the game retrieves the progress of the player.”

    As mentioned above, Respawn knows what is happening tonight, but have not been able to provide an ETA on when Apex Legends Reset will be reversed.

    The latest updates on today’s Respawn Account issues read: “We’re investigating reports of some @playapex players losing unlocks after changing the email associated with their EA account.

    “A similar bug is affecting account progress for PS4 players. We’ve asked support teams to escalate these reports—Will report back with updates.

    “To clarify: The PS4 account progress bug is a similar but separate issue and doesn’t appear to be connected to the email/account-linking issue. We’re looking into it.”

    Another message, this time from EA Help, adds: “Hey Legends, we’re digging into reports that account progress is displaying incorrectly. We’ll keep you informed here as updates become available.”

    More news is expected to be shared by Respawn after they learn more about what is affecting tonight’s problems.

    And while this latest bug will be causing a lot of concern among gamers tonight, account wipes in the past have been handled across PS4, Xbox One and PC.

    This has led to gamers losing everything, before having their information brought back after Respawn has found a fix for the issues.

    However, it’s unclear if the progress you make during this level reset will be counted towards your account after the full history has been restored.


    Published at Tue, 06 Apr 2021 00:51:00 +0000

    Apex Legends reset: Respawn offer Apex Legends Account Reset level 1 update


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