Audrey Hepburn children: Did Audrey Hepburn have any children?


    Audrey Hepburn was a huge star, despite only appearing in 27 films in her lifetime. She was a fashion icon as well as an actress, and her private life was a fixture of the gossip columns of the time. But did Audrey Hepburn have children, and were they also of interest to fans?

    Audrey Hepburn had two children, one with each of her husbands.

    The first relationship which captured the world’s attention was to businessman James Hanson, whom she met in London.

    She cancelled their wedding despite having bought her dress, issuing a statement saying: “When I get married, I want to be really married.”

    Audrey feared her growing career in the theatre would mean they were incompatible, which could have been a wise decision given she was about to have her big break in Roman Holiday in 1953.

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    Her first marriage came in 1954, a short while after she met her husband-to-be Mel Ferrer.

    The couple met at a party hosted by Gregory Peck, and they went on to star together on Broadway in a production of Ondine.

    They began their relationship during this time, and eight months later they married in Switzerland on September 25, 1954.

    They had Audrey’s first child, Sean, and the couple remained together for 14 years.

    During this time, they became the obsession of gossip columns, with many believing the two actors would not last together.

    At one point, Audrey commented on Mel’s ‘temper,’ but they remained together and strong for some time.

    They divorced in 1968, the same year Audrey met her second husband, psychiatrist Andrea Dotti.

    At this time, Audrey was beginning to step away from films, and soon semi-retired, appearing in very few movies.


    They married on January 18, 1969, and had their son Luca the following year.

    Both parties in the marriage reportedly had affairs, with Audrey having a relationship with her Bloodline co-star Ben Gazzara.

    Their marriage lasted for 13 years, ending in 1982, by which time she had already met her final long-term partner.

    In 1980, Audrey began a relationship with Dutch actor Robert Wolders, whom she met through a friend while still married to Andrea.

    Though they never married and had no children, Audrey was reported as saying she felt they were married due to their ‘happy years’ together.

    Audrey’s first son, Sean, is a film producer and author, who also founded a children’s charity in his mother’s name.

    During her later years, Audrey turned away from acting and towards philanthropic work, becoming a UNICEF ambassador and travelling the world, taking part in humanitarian causes.

    She died on January 20, 1993, after a battle with colon cancer.

    The Audrey Hepburn Children’s Fund was directed by Sean with cooperation from Luca, his half brother, and Robert.

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    Audrey Hepburn children: Did Audrey Hepburn have any children?


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