Call of Duty Cold War patch notes TODAY: Season 3 Reloaded Warzone update 1.17


    Call of Duty Cold War patch notes news

    Call of Duty Cold War patch notes news (Image: ACTIVISION)

    UPDATE: The new Call of Duty Cold War Season 3 Reloaded update is out now across all platforms and includes a number of new modes and Zombies content, with most being planned for launch on May 20.

    Patch notes can be found at the bottom of this article, which covers the new multiplayer content being planned for Thursday across PS4, Xbox One and PC.

    ORIGINAL: A new Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War update is releasing tonight, which will bring Season 3 Reloaded content to the game later this week.

    The good news is that developers Treyarch have laid out all their big plans for both Black Ops and Warzone.

    Activision has made a lot out of the incoming John McClane and Rambo skins, along with the tie-in content being planned for later this week.

    But much of what is being planned for Cold War is connected to new multiplayer maps and Zombies changes.

    We already know that Cold War Outbreak is getting a new main quest, as well as two new regions, 56 new Skill Tiers, two new Skill categories, two new Field Upgrades, a new Ammo Mod, and over a dozen Weapon Unlock Challenges.

    The main quest will help build towards the launch of a new Zombies map in the coming weeks, with plenty being planned for multiplayer too.

    Standoff will be making its Cold War map debut as a 6v6 experience, alongside Duga, which will be a multi-team experience.

    The new maps will be available with a fresh lineup of modes, including Die Hardpoint, Rambo’s Gun Game, and Multi-Team Elimination.

    Two additional weapons are also going live later in Season 3 in both Cold War and Warzone; an automatic machine pistol and a melee weapon.

    These secondary weapons include the Baseball Bat, which won’t arrive in Warzone during Season 4.

    Meanwhile, the AMP63: Pistol will be the secondary weapon fans will be most interested in, with Treyarch telling fans this week:

    “Slotting in as the fourth sidearm in Black Ops Cold War’s arsenal, this personal defence weapon is a cross between a self-loading pistol and a fully automatic SMG.

    “Expect this weapon to output high amounts of damage in a short period of time thanks to its full-auto nature, which makes it highly effective in close quarters.

    “Obtain the AMP63 and Baseball Bat during Season Three Reloaded in one of two ways: complete an in-game challenge to obtain the free base weapon or pick up a bundle with a Blueprint version when it appears in the Store.”

    More details on today’s Call of Duty update can be found below as part of the early patch notes released by Treyarch:

    Call of Duty shows off PC graphics in Black Ops Cold War trailer

    Standoff (6v6, Launch)

    First introduced in Black Ops II, Standoff is a 6v6 medium-sized map that features a timeless three-lane feel and provides plentiful opportunities for outsmarting your opponents. Remember to check the central building, and always be mindful of a certain exploding van, which has plenty of notoriety within the Call of Duty competitive community…

    Duga (Multi-Team, Launch)

    Also arriving at the start of Season Three Reloaded is Duga, a new region in the Ural Mountains ready for Multi-Team modes after spending the first half of the season in Outbreak.

    Duga offers something for every playstyle, whether you prefer to move through the central admin offices for close-range battles or work your way around the perimeter through the bus depot to the chemical processing plant for long-range battles. If you can’t immediately decide where to hone your skills, try making your way atop the array tower for a tactical view before parachuting off to your destination of choice.

    Die Hardpoint (Launch)

    Work alongside your squad to capture Hardpoints and eliminate enemies in a race to gain 200 points, or the most points before time expires. Capturing a Hardpoint will give you a movement speed boost (the first of five potential buffs) and set your timer to 30 seconds. But beware: these buffs come at the cost of your life in explosive fashion when the clock hits zero.

    This timer can be extended by earning eliminations and playing the objective, so aggressive play will be key to survival. While on your team’s Hardpoint, your timer will be paused, and kills will add 15 seconds to your timer up to a max of 30 seconds. Successive kills will also grant you up to four additional buffs on top of movement speed: weapon handling, ADS speed, slide speed, and a larger explosion for when you inevitably die (only achievable after a five-kill streak.)

    Rambo’s Gun Game (Week Two)

    On its own, Gun Game can be a fast and frenetic party mode, but what happens when Rambo joins the party? The rotation of 20 weapons gets a serious boost in firepower, as the Combat Bow, War Machine, RPG-7, and even the Death Machine get added into a fresh set of armaments. To help keep our action heroes alive, players will also be equipped with the Stimshot.

    Multi-Team Elimination (Launch)

    Fans of Squad vs. Squad game modes will have an intense new last team-standing experience to take on across Black Ops Cold War’s biggest maps.

    In Multi-Team Elimination, ten teams of four will drop in and fight to survive against ever-expanding radiation zones. Redeploys will be limited and loadouts will be restricted, so teams will need to scavenge for weapons, Scorestreaks, Armor, and more.

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    Call of Duty Cold War patch notes TODAY: Season 3 Reloaded Warzone update 1.17


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