Chris Packham promptly shut down by Megan McCubbin after awkward toilet joke ‘Let’s not!’


    Megan McCubbin joined Winterwatch star and step-dad Chris Packham once again this evening for an all-new episode of Winterwatch live from the New Forest. There was plenty for the Winterwatch cast to get through, from rare sightings of otters in Scotland to an up-close and personal look at an owl’s hunt for starlings. However, it was an experiment with a field mouse which brought a rather awkward moment between the BBC presenting pair.

    Megan ended up cutting off Chris during a chat after he made a joke about not being able to leave the toilet.

    The moment came when they explained to BBC Two viewers how the Winterwatch crew had set up cameras and a “test chamber” to see how wild mice use their investigative skills to hunt down food.

    Describing the structure as a “U-bend”,  Chris had humorously popped a miniature toilet at the end of the construction.

    And the structure seemed to work as one mouse had found itself exploring the chamber, popping its head out of the toilet and sniffing the prize of a pile of peanuts.

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    “It’s using its nose and its whiskers there,” Megan began as they watched the mouse explore.

    She continued: “Because it’s smelling a nice buffet of peanuts that we’ve left out for it. 

    “Now have a look at this because it’s a little bit nervous getting off the toilet seat. It’s a little bit tentative.”

    Megan delved into why the rodent seemed apprehensive: “So it can see – well, it can’t see anything because it’s pitch black, we’re using infrared light, no white light whatsoever,

    “But it can smell just what’s in front of its nose. It’s not entirely sure how to get out. It goes back down, comes back, has a little look.”

    Chris then spotted the chance for a rather rude joke – although it didn’t go down particularly well with Megan.

    “He’s quite reluctant to leave the toilet seat, isn’t he?” Chris chimed in.

    “But I’ve had that problem over the years, you know when I’ve had some seafood when I used to eat seafood.”

    As Megan let out a rather awkward laugh, Chris brought himself up and said: “But anyway, let’s not get into it.”

    Megan was quick to agree and hastily shut down her step-father: “No let’s not! (Laughs).”

    The two then watched as the tentative rodent still struggled to separate itself from the tiny toilet as it tried to retrieve the nuts.

    “Then, of course, once they find the nuts they’re backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards taking all the nuts out,” Chris explained.

    The mouse eventually got into the swing of things and feasted on the treats, much to Megan and Chris’ delight.

    And fans at home similarly enjoyed the segment, with one saying on Twitter: “Enjoying #Winterwatch this evening. The mouse and the toilet [laugh emoji] You’re on fire tonight, @ChrisGPackham.”

    While a second agreed: “I love Winterwatch (Yes that’s a mouse coming out of a tiny model toilet) #WinterWatchlist @BBCSpringwatch.”

    Winterwatch continues tomorrow at 8pm on BBC Two.

    Published at Thu, 28 Jan 2021 21:42:51 +0000

    Chris Packham promptly shut down by Megan McCubbin after awkward toilet joke ‘Let’s not!’


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