Dan Walker baffled as he speaks on ‘weird relationship’ with Mike Bushell on BBC Breakfast


    Dan Walker, 43, doesn’t usually host weekend instalments of BBC Breakfast but he featured on Saturday’s programme to discuss what was coming up on Football Focus later on in the day. To do this, he spoke with Mike, 55, as he was the co-star who had the most amount of knowledge on the headlines emitting from the sporting arena. However, when the former Strictly Come Dancing star came to introduce his BBC colleague, he got his name wrong by calling his co-star “dad”.

    After teasing his colleague’s appearance on the show, Mike said: “Good morning, dad. I mean Dan, not dad.”

    This left the sports reporter humiliated as he let out a nervous laugh and Dan also found the moment hilarious.

    “Hold on a minute, that would be a weird relationship, wouldn’t it?” the Football Focus host said as he was left baffled by the remark.

    “Yes, good morning, son,” he replied as he continued the joke before going on to speak about what was coming up on the sport’s show.

    However, he had to stop his train of thought as he was still distracted by the blunder, adding: “Took me a while to get over that one, Michael.”

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    Dan managed to compose himself enough to continue with the rest of the segment but he couldn’t help but bring up the blunder once again at the end.

    “Mike, if I am your father, I want you in bed by eight o’clock tonight, please” the presenter joked, before adding: “But you can watch Football Focus at midday.”

    “And Match of the Day, can I stay up for that?” the sports reporter asked as he carried on the comical tone of the conversation.

    Realising he was also covering the late-night programme, Dan said: “Oh, yes. You’ll be fully bored with me by the end of the day today.”

    “I look up to Dan, literally,” the sports reporter quipped, with Charlie going on to label each member of the team as an individual in a family setup.

    The host asked who weatherman Tomasz Schafernaker, 42, would fit into their family but the forecaster didn’t listen to the full conversation.

    “Sorry, I was absolutely miles away,” he remarked, asking Charlie to clarify what they were actually talking about.

    “How far are we going to back in this story?” the host jibed, before referencing how Mike got Dan’s name wrong.

    Published at Sat, 23 Jan 2021 09:45:00 +0000

    Dan Walker baffled as he speaks on ‘weird relationship’ with Mike Bushell on BBC Breakfast


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