Eternals cast: Who plays Ikaris in MCU movie?


    As well as that, one iteration of Ikaris in the comics sees him as a villain, which, given the villain of Eternals is not yet clear, could be an interesting twist.

    While he is seen in the teaser to be laughing and joking with the group about the Avengers, it may be he is the villain of the piece.

    Though in the comics, this only took place when he was controlled by the Kree, who use the God’s whisper to use him.

    We met the Kree in Guardians of the Galaxy as well as in Captain Marvel, so it may be they have returned, adding further peril as one of the most powerful gods turns bad.

    In the teaser, Ikaris also seems to have moved on from his human lover to another Eternal, Sersi, played by Gemma Chan.

    Published at Mon, 24 May 2021 15:46:48 +0000

    Eternals cast: Who plays Ikaris in MCU movie?


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