Eurovision 2021 LIVE: Italy WIN as James Newman finishes LAST for UK with 0 points


    Eurovision: Italy’s Måneskin named 2021 winners

    The Eurovision Song Contest grand final is due to air on BBC One tonight (May 22), with a total of 26 countries taking to the stage in a last attempt to be crowned Eurovision winner 2021.The contest is taking place in Rotterdam and the Dutch city was due to host the contest in 2020 before the event was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Over the past week the bookies’ odds on which country will win has changed dramatically.

    According to Ladbrokes, Italy are currently the bookies favourites to win with Maneskin, while France trails closely behind.

    The bookies have also predicted that James Newman, who is representing the UK, has odds of 100/1 of causing an unlikely upset in Rotterdam.

    The singer also has odds of 6/4 of finishing the night in last place.

    Speaking about the bookies’ odds, Alex Apati of Ladbrokes began: “The Italians are the ones to beat in Rotterdam as far as the odds concerned, with France posing the most likely threat.”

    Follow our live blog below for updates on the Eurovision Song Contest 2021.

    Eurovision Song Contest 2021 France UK

    Eurovision Song Contest 2021: Who will be crowned the winner? (Image: BBC)

    11.48pm – Italy wins the Eurovision Song Contest! 

    Måneskin, who were representing Italy, broke down in tears as it was revealed they had smashed the competition and won with an incredible 524 points. 

    Crying on stage, the band said of their win: “We just want to say to the whole of Europe and the whole world, rock and roll never dies.”

    The band went on to perform their winning single Shut Up and Good before accepting the coveted Eurovision trophy.

    11.30pm – The UK finishes in last place

    Sadly for James Newman, the bookies were proved correct with the UK finishing in last place with zero points. 

    The singer took his loss in his stride however as he encouraged the crowd to cheer for him amongst a sea of boos. 

    Eurovision: Elena Tsagrinou performs El Diablo

    11.14pm – The UK have received no votes in the jury vote so far

    Sadly it looks like James Newman could finish in last place despite giving a brilliant performance.

    11.06pm – Amanda Holden reveals UK jury vote

    The UK jury vote gave 12 points to France.

    11.02pm – The jury votes are in  

    Currently, Switzerland is leading the jury vote, ahead of France and Italy.

    But the 12 points are not consistently for one country, so this could go anywhere. And of course, the public vote could change everything.

    10.54 – The votes have now CLOSED

    10.47pm – Duncan Laurence performs

    Duncan Laurence performed although not in the studio as he tested positive for Covid earlier this week.

    Duncan performed both his winning songs Arcade and Stars.

    Amanda Holden reveals UK’s results during Eurovision 2021

    10.01pm – The votes are now open – who do you think will win?

    There were mixed opinions online, but who will take home the 2021 crown?

    “Has to be Cyprus or Germany for the win,” one fan tweeted.

    Another said: “Italy, Finland or Russia to win then I’ll be happy.”

    A third penned: “Right, I bet that Serbia will win, they have the best song, best stage presence and are VERY talented.”

    Imma need Iceland to win this,” a fourth wrote. (sic)

    Eurovision 2021 Flo Rida San Marino

    Eurovision 2021: Flo Rida performed with San Marino (Image: Getty)

    9.59pm – The final performance is from San Marino and Flo Rida

    According to Graham, it took 10 people to write their song.

    9.55pm –  Tusse takes to the stage for Sweden singing Voices

    Tusse caused a stir when the competition was cancelled last year after he swooped in and took the spot from the Mamas, who were due to perform in 2020.

    9.52pm –  Måneskin perform for Italy

    This rock band are the favourites to win Eurovision 2021.

    “They seem less furious than Finland,” Graham commented after their performance.

    “I feel their anger is about ‘I ask for no ice, it was quite low level.”


    The Roop Eurovision 2021

    Eurovision Song Contest 2021: The Roop were giving off Robin Thicke vibes (Image: Getty)

    9.46pm Act 23 is Jeangu Macrooy from The Netherlands

    Viewers were loving Netherlands’ performance. Taking to social media, one penned: “Netherlands feels like it could be the lead song on a FIFA soundtrack (arguably the only good part about FIFA).”

    Another said: “The Netherlands feels like a collaboration between Lin Manuel Miranda and The Lighthouse Family.”

    A third added: “I am loving the Netherlands song a lot.”

    9.42pm – TIX takes to the stage for Norway

    Norway’s Tix sang a song about conquering your demons and embracing your true self.

    It was inspired by the singer, who grew up with Tourette’s syndrome.

    9.38pm – Efendi sings for Azerbaijan

    It has taken Efendi five attempts to get to the Eurovision Song Contest.

    Tix Eurovision 2021

    Eurovision Song Contest 2021: Tix took to the stage to sing for Norway (Image: Getty)

    9.33pm –  Barbara Pravi performs for France

    Barbara sang her song Voila for France and it sent the crowds wild, as Graham commented: “Wow, that’s how you win Eurovision.

    “The crowd were stamping and cheering to that. If she doesn’t win it’ll definitely be the top five.”

    9.30pm –  Go_A sings for Ukraine

    “People are loving that,” Graham said after their energetic performance.

    9.26pm – The Roop sings for Lithuania

    Dressed in bright yellow suits, The Roop gave off Robin Thicke vibes as they sang their song, Dance Alone.

    Comparing The Roop to Iceland’s group, Graham said: “Of course they’re going to be compared to Iceland’s Daði og Gagnamagnið and for me, I think that Iceland had the edge.

    “They were slightly quirkier.”

    9.21pm – VICTORIA takes to the stage for Bulgaria


    Eurovision Song Contest 2021

    Eurovision Song Contest 2021: Jendrik had to be the quirkiest act to perform (Image: Getty)

    9.20pm – 16 acts have performed but there are still another 10 to go

    9.14pm –  Daði og Gagnamagnið performs for Iceland

    The band  Daði og Gagnamagnið performed their song Put Your Middle Fingers Up.

    The last act to win Eurovision from Finland were a band, so could this rock band be in with a chance?

    9.10pm Jendrik performs for Germany

    Jenrick could be the quirkiest act to perform after the singer took to the stage with his silver ukelele and a dancer dressed in a giant hand costume.

    9.06pm – Natalia Gordienko sings for Moldova

    Natalia wowed with her pop song called Sugar.

    Hurricane Eurovision 2021

    Eurovision Song Contest 2021: Viewers likened Hurricane to The Pussycast Dolls (Image: Getty)

    9.01pm – Blas Cantó performs for Spain

    According to Graham, Spain used the biggest prop [a moon] in Eurovision history for their performance.

    8.58pm – Daði og Gagnamagnið represents Iceland

    Viewers were left divided by Iceland’s catchy performance, as one tweeted: ” I found myself weirdly drawn to Iceland’s entry.”

    Another said: “Love them! Keeping it quirky!”

    One penned: “Love Iceland, pure joy.”

    8.54pm – Gjon’s Tears sings for Switzerland

    Switzerland won the first Eurovision in 1966 and again with Celion Dion in 1988.

    But since they have failed to qualify for the competition 11 times.

    Eurovision: James Newman performs UK entry in final

    8.49pm Stefania performs for Greece

    Stefania, who is the youngest performer in the contest, wore a glittery purple jumpsuit as she sang her song Last Dance.

    8.46pm – Graham pays a tribute to Sir Terry Wogan before James Newman’s performance

    “Song number nine when we raise our glasses to Sir Terry Wogan,” Graham said. “Who was and always will be the voice of Eurovision.

    “Of course this year, song nine gives us another reason to raise a glass to wish James Newman well.

    “He is representing the United Kingdom performing his own song, Embers.”

    8.38pm – Hurricane sings for Serbia

    The girl group stunned viewers with their performance with many likening them to The Pussycat Dolls.

    Taking to social media, one tweeted: “Serbian pussycat dolls are pretty good.”

    Another said: “Serbia’s Eurovision entry would give the Pussycat Dolls a run for their money – fierce!”

    A third penned: “Serbia going full Pussycat Dolls on that one. They even stole their outfits & dance moves!”

    Eden Alene for Israel

    Eurovision Song Contest 2021: Eden Alene performed for Israel with Set Me Free (Image: GETTY)

    Eurovision Song Contest 2021 Destiny

    Eurovision Song Contest 2021: Destiny came to win tonight as she sang for Malta (Image: Getty)

    8.35pm –  The Black Mamba sings for Portugal 

    8.30pm – Destiny sings Je Me Casse for Malta

    Destiny was the firm favourite to win the contest as Graham explained.

    The 18-year-old is no stranger to Eurovision as she won the junior contest at 13-years old.

    “She means business,” the host said. “Malta wants to win and if anyone can do it, it’s Destiny.”

    Eurovision Song Contest 2021

    Eurovision Song Contest 2021: Manizha wowed viewers with her extravagant outfit (Image: Getty)

    8.20pm – Manizha sings for Russia

    Manizha graced the stage dressed in an extravagant multi-coloured gown.

    “I love moments like this in Eurovision,” Graham commented after Mamizha’s energetic performance.

    “The silliness of the mad dress, the crazy flames and then that wall of portraits of Russian women. Suddenly very moving.”

    8.18pm – Israel mocked by Graham Norton with ‘nose bleed’ jibe

    Following Eden’s performance host Graham Norton joked she had left him with a “nose bleed” after Eden hit the highest note sung at Eurovision. 

    “My nose is bleeding so I think she achieved it. Well done, B6!” he laughed.

    8.15pm – Albania take to the stage

    Anxhela Peristeri was up next for Albania, where she took to the stage covered in silver sequins.

    She was followed by Eden Alene, who represented Israel.

    Eden, who trained as a ballerina, sang her song Set Me Free.

    According to Graham, she also made Eurovision history by singing the highest note during her performance.

    Eurovision Song Contest 2021

    Eurovision Song Contest 2021: Anxhela Peristeri wowed the crowd dressed in a silver sequin outfit (Image: BBC)

    8.11pm – Cyrpus open the show

    Elena Tsagrinou opened the contest for Cyprus with her song El Diablo.

    Viewers were loving her performance, although, many took to social media to comment on the “Lady Gaga vibes”.

    “I’m getting some Bad Romance vibes,” one tweeted.

    Another penned: “Caught in a bad romance?” A third wrote: “Such Lady Gaga vibes.”

    8pm – Graham Norton introduces the show

    “Here they come, this is an innovation,” Graham began as the finalists walked on to the stage.

    “The greater the flags just to make the evening a little bit longer.

    “If you’re wondering why they’re coming on to a Bananarama track. Venus was originally sung by a Dutch rock band called Soul King Blue.

    “It’s been remixed by 16-year-old Peter Gabriel.”

    “Oh, there’s one of the favourites,” the comedian added as one of the finalists walked on stage.

    “Here’s James Newman, feeling the love from the crowd this evening.”


    Eurovision Song Contest 2021

    Eurovision Song Contest 202: Meet the 2021 Eurovision hosts (Image: BBC)

    7.45 James Newman set to perform ninth

    BBC UK tweeted: “We are so EXCITED for tonight! We’ve waited so long for this, we’re gonna enjoy every second.”

    They also posted a picture of the order of each entry. The UK’s will be ninth to perform, with James Newman taking to the stage with Embers.

    Cyprus is up first, and San Marino will end the songs as the 26th entry.

    Eurovision 2021 final: Which countries are in the Eurovision final? Full list

    7.30pm Eurovision fans are excited and getting ready for the finale

    Viewers are getting excited over on Twitter. One eager viewer just tweeted: “It’s #Eurovision tonight and I am BUZZING.”

    Another person wrote: “Eurovision is going to kick off soon. This might be the first time I’m actually excited to watch it. Let the camp madness begin! #Eurovision.”

    “Actually going to a mates house for the #Eurovision so excited to be with friends again!!” a third wrote.

    Fans up and down the country will be hosting parties tonight to celebrate the competition after last year’s cancellation.

    7.15pm – 2019 winner Dutch singer Duncan Laurence pulls out of the contest

    Just days before the final, the 2019 Eurovision Contest winner, Duncan Laurence was forced to pull out of his performance after contracting coronavirus.

    After last year’s contest was cancelled due to the pandemic, Duncan currently holds the title as the reigning champion.

    Duncan was due to return to Rotterdam this weekend to compete once again in the biggest singing competition.But it was confirmed on Thursday (May 20) he had tested positive for coronavirus and won’t be able to perform live.

    7pm – Who is representing the UK this year?

    Singer and songwriter James Newman will be representing the UK during tonight’s Eurovision. During his career, he has written a number of hits for the likes of Ed Sheeran and Olly Murs.

    He has been nominated for a Grammy twice, for co-writing Coping from Toni Braxton’s album Sex & Cigarettes and Let ‘Em Talk from Kesha’s album Rainbow.

    Newman was also meant to be performing as the UK’s entry in 2020.

    In 2013, the singer won a Brit Award for co-writing the British Single of the Year Waiting All Night, performed by Rudimental and Ella Eyre.

    His next chart-topper was with Calvin Harris and Newman’s younger brother singer John Newman entitled Blame

    Eurovision: James Newman debuts UK entry for 2020

    6.45pm – What is this year’s theme?

    The theme for the 65th Eurovision Song Contest will remain the same – Open Up. The slogan ‘Open Up’ was intentionally incomplete when it was chosen for Eurovision 2020.

    In December 2020, the logo of Eurovision 2021 was revealed. The new design is inspired by the world map of Rotterdam as the beating heart of Europe in May 2021.

    “The logo connects Rotterdam with the capitals of the participating countries and symbolises coming together, regardless of the form,” explained Sietse Bakker, the Executive Producer of the event.

    Like last year, the logo and concept was developed by agency Clever ° Franke, which generated the logo using software developed in-house.

    Eurovision Bingo

    Eurovision 2021: Who will be crowned the next winner of Eurovision Song Contest? (Image: EXPRESS)

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    Eurovision 2021 LIVE: Italy WIN as James Newman finishes LAST for UK with 0 points


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