Eurovision UK winners – where are they now?


    Eurovision has not been particularly successful for the UK in recent years. However, before the last UK winner back in 1997, Britain did make its mark on Eurovision with four others to boot. But given it has been some time since these winners took to the stage, many will wonder what became of them.

    Where are the Eurovision’s UK winners now?

    Sandie Shaw

    Sandie Shaw was the first winner with Puppet on a String, which she performed at the 1967 contest in Vienna.

    At that time, the Dagenham-born singer was hugely popular, often seen on TV shows performing from her six albums released in the 1960s.

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    The 1970s was a mixed bag for Sandie, as she decided to step away from music at various points, becoming a waitress and committing to Buddhism in intervening years.

    She had a short comeback in the 1980s, releasing albums Choose Life and Hello Angel in 1983 and 1988 respectively.

    In the 1990s, Sandie trained as a psychotherapist and opened The Arts Clinic in 1997.

    She has dipped in and out of music over the years, she announced her retirement from the entertainment industry in 2013.


    The next UK victor was Lulu, who was named one of four winners in the 1969 contest in Madrid.

    Lulu has been on the showbiz scene for many years, and has continued to sing, act, and appear on TV in various shows over the years.

    She sang the Bond theme tune for The Man with the Golden Gun in 1974, and in recent years has been known as a TV personality, taking part in Strictly Come Dancing in 2011.

    Most recently, in 2019, she toured with Take That and their Greatest Hits tour, performing on their duet Relight My Fire, and also performed at the Miss World pageant that year.


    Brotherhood of Man

    Brotherhood of Man are likely the least well known in the group of UK Eurovision winners, who won with their song Save Your Kisses for Me in the Netherlands in 1976.

    The band, made up of Lee Sheridan, Martin Lee, Nicky Stevens and Sandra Stevens, continued to perform together until 1983, when they split.

    They got back together in 1985 and continued to perform together, though they refrained from making new music until 1991, when they made an album which went unreleased in the UK.

    They continue to perform even now, but they semi-retired in the 2000s.

    Buck’s Fizz

    The next winners from the UK were Buck’s Fizz, who won with Making Your Mind Up in 1981 in Dublin.

    The group has had an interesting history, now performing under two different names: Buck’s Fizz and The Fizz.

    All of the members still perform, and Cheryl Baker became famous as a TV personality as well.

    Bobby G currently owns the rights to the name of the group, which he continues to tour with new members Heidi Manton, Tammy Choat and Paul Yates, none of whom were in the hit-making line-up.

    The other three members: Cheryl, Jay Aston and Mike Nolan, exist as The Fizz and also tour sporadically.

    Katrina and the Waves

    The final win from the UK came in 1997 in Dublin with Love Shine a Light.

    The band had already disbanded and come back together for the contest, and the song gave them a boost after years in the wilderness.

    However, they dissolved once again in 1998 for a short time, and each member attempted to start solo careers.

    The 2005 Hurricane Katrina had a detrimental effect to Katrina, who found headlines referring to the band worrying.

    The band did come back together for the Walking on Sunshine anniversary, then in 2020 Katrina had a short comeback for the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest alternative, which referenced her song in its name.

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    Eurovision UK winners – where are they now?


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