Freddie Mercury’s last birthday party at home: Beautiful pictures surrounded by love


Freddie Mercury’s last birthday party at home: Beautiful pictures surrounded by love

It’s no surprise that Freddie loved throwing lavish birthday parties, always topped off by extravagant cakes. The final enormous one ever made recreated his apartment building in Montreux. The Swiss city became a sanctuary where he spent many of his final months and laid down his last ever vocals for the posthumous Made In Heaven album. It was made by actress turned cake maker Jane Asher, who used ten photographs of the building to create the spectacular confection. 

However, Freddie celebrated his final two birthdays at home in London.

In his final months and days a small inner circle kept him company at all times and then kept vigil by his bedside. One of those was fellow rock star Dave Clarke, who was the last person with Freddie when he died on November 24, 1991.

He spoke to Express Online and desctibed their friendship and his amusement at the typically lavish birthday bash.

Clarke said: “I miss Freddie, like a lot of his friends do, because he made you laugh, made you smile. He was larger than life.”

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“We all come from the same background. But he had class and style, Freddie, no question.

“On his last birthday, he just invited 30 of his closest friends and there was 30 different courses, done by his personal chef, Joe Fanelli, and 30 different types of wine to go with each course.

Clarke perfectly summed up the night and his friend in two simple words: “Never boring.”

The guestlist included Freddie’s nearest and dearest.


Clarke described what all of Freddie’s friends knew – that the great showman was intensely devoted to his friends in private. That joy can be seen in pictures from the party.

Clarke added: “He was very artistic. He was quite shy, Freddie was. On stage, the bigger the better: he’d play to 100,000 people and he was amazing.

“In private, he was a lovely person, great class, great style. I mean — he had a Picasso in his bathroom. It was amazing.

“He had great, great style. And he cared about people, which was nice. You see his videos and you think he’s just totally off-the-wall but he’s not. He’s just a person.”

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