Get Google Chromecast for under £3 with this Black Friday hack that’s too good to be true!


Black Friday is only a few hours away, but we’d be surprised if the next 24 hours brings anything as good as this Google Chromecast deal. You can now secure this brilliant streaming dongle for £2.99. Yes, really. For less than a pint and a packet of crisps, you’ll be able to beam your favourite Netflix boxsets, family photos, and Chrome web browser tabs onto your telly. The third-generation Google Chromecast usually retails for £30, so this is a pretty incredible deal. To secure this eye-popping 90 percent discount, you’ll need to head to money-saving website TopCashback and enter your email address, if you’re new to the website, you’ll be eligible for an extra £15 discount on a number of items in the Currys Black Friday sale… including the Google Chromecast. That will reduce the sale price down from £17.99 to just £2.99. Woah. 

Here’s how this Black Friday price bustin’ trick works… TopCashback operates all-year and offers cash incentives to shop through its website. TopCashback receives a small commission for directing its readers to thousands of retail websites that it has partnered with, but instead of keeping that cash, TopCashback will pass on “100 percent” of its commission to you. This is where the cashback comes from.

For Black Friday, TopCashback has secured a bumper deal with a handful of retailers, including Currys. You’ll need to spend over £15 to qualify for the £15 cashback and, of course, you’ll need to be new to TopCashback (so it won’t work if you’ve already redeemed a £15 discount to secure an Amazon Echo or Fire TV Stick for less than a fiver, for example). But other than that, a representative for TopCashback confirmed to that its Black Friday offer will work on almost anything in the Currys sale.

Given that the Google Chromecast (third-generation) costs £17.99 and you’ll get £15 transferred back into your bank account from TopCashback, you’ll be able to bag this clever streaming gadget for £2.99. That’s the lowest we’ve ever seen.

If you’d like to sign up to TopCashback and receive the £15 new member reward, you need to do so before the end of December 5. Click here to head to the relevant page on the TopCashback website. In the small-print for its £15 new member bonus deal for Black Friday, TopCashback adds: “During this promotion new members of TopCashback who signed up by the specified landing page can receive an additional £15 cashback bonus when the below Terms and Conditions are met.

“This offer is limited to new members and any members may only receive this bonus (or any other sign-up incentive) once. Transactions that are in any category, excluding the Takeaway category, will be eligible for the bonus, providing other Terms and Conditions are met.”

Any cashback you earn can be claimed by transferring it to a PayPal account, via a BACS transfer, or by topping up a gift card.

Published at Thu, 25 Nov 2021 07:21:00 +0000

Get Google Chromecast for under £3 with this Black Friday hack that’s too good to be true!


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