GMB fans rage at Susanna Reid for not ‘sticking up’ for Piers Morgan – ‘He was right!’


    Meghan Markle: GMB react to Archbishop’s statement on ‘wedding’

    One of Good Morning Britain’s headlines was the Archbishop of Canterbury officially confirming the publicly broadcasted wedding between the Duke and Duchess of Sussex was the only legal union between the couple – despite Meghan Markle’s comments to Oprah Winfrey. After Jonathan Swain gave the details live from Windsor, presenters Susanna Reid and Ranvir Singh seemed to gloss over the disparities between the former American actress’ remarks and the principal leader of the Church of England. And viewers noticed this, especially since their former colleague, Piers Morgan previously raised questions over this point. 

    Jonathan told those watching at home: “The Archbishop of Canterbury has now officially confirmed what many people really suspected Ranvir, the wedding which took place here between the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, May 2018, was the one and only wedding that occurred. 

    “It was watched by millions of people around the world. 

    “But in the interview with Oprah, Meghan Markle went onto say ‘three days before the wedding day, in fact, just the two of us got married in our backyard with only the Archbishop of Canterbury present’. 

    “Well, the Archbishop of Canterbury has disputed that in an interview with La Repubblica in Italy,” he added. 

    “This is what he went onto say – quite strong words he used actually –  he said ‘the legal wedding was on the Saturday, I signed the wedding certificate which is the legal document and I would’ve committed a serious criminal offence if I signed it knowing it was false’. 

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    GMB fans rage at Susanna Reid for not ‘sticking up’ for Piers Morgan – ‘He was right!’ (Image: ITV)

    “He did go onto say that actually he did have two or three private meetings here with the Duke and Duchess. Let’s just remind ourselves of what Meghan Markle said, in the interview about the wedding with Oprah.” 

    A clip was then played from Meghan and Harry’s interview with Oprah which saw Meghan telling the chat show host: “Three days before our wedding we got married. 

    “No one knows that but we called the Archbishop and said ‘this thing, this spectacle is for the world, but we want our union between us’. 

    “So the vows we have framed in our room are just the two of us in our backyard with the Archbishop of Canterbury,” she said. 

    Later on in the show, Susanna and Ranvir discussed the Archbishop of Canterbury’s comments. 

    “When she said ‘we got married’ – was not entirely accurate,” Susanna said. 

    “She might have meant blessed?” Ranvir argued. “People have their vows blessed don’t they? Maybe she just meant that?” 

    “I think what he’s referring to is one of a number of private and pastoral meetings that he had with them,” Susanna continued. 

    “But she talks in there ‘those vows, those were just for us, the ones we’ve got framed’ she says that ‘the vows we got framed, those are just for us’. So they clearly had some sort of ceremony but it wasn’t a legal ceremony,” Ranvir went onto say. 

    “And the problem for her, of course now, with all the fury that follows this, is that it does then lend itself to more questioning of all the details in every part of the two hour sit down that we saw.” 

    “Of course. Absolutely right,” Susanna remarked and moved on: “But, the Archbishop of Canterbury says ‘when you say the wedding happen in Windsor.’” 

    “‘I am not a criminal!’ He says,” Ranvir joked and her co-host added: “He didn’t do anything wrong – you could imagine he got into a bit of hot water, didn’t he?” 

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    “Well it’s interesting that he felt the need to respond to it, he was obviously questioned quite a lot,” Ranvir concluded. 

    Those watching at home were disappointed to see Susanna not refer to Piers’ previous comments in response to Meghan’s claims of ‘getting married three days before’ the official ceremony. 

    Taking to Twitter, one said: “What I’d really like now is for @susannareid100 to show some b******s, call Meghan out as the liar she is, say Piers was right and walk off. #GMB #liar.” 

    A third wrote: “As much as I love youes both get a grip piers was right all along don’t be afraid Susanna to stick up for your ex husband you will be better thought of by your viewers and the ratings will rocket.” 

    “So @piersmorgan wasn’t so wrong about the actress’s inconsistencies eh? There’s more and more coming out but I wonder if he’ll get an apology off Beresford and GMB,” a tweet read. 

    Meanwhile, another wrote: “So they did lie about that then ! so if they lied about that what else did they lie about, @piersmorgan was right !!” 

    “But @piersmorgan is the one to fall on the sword… What other untruths will be proved from the interview?” Someone wrote online. 

    Piers comments – which he made on GMB before his sensational quit – were about getting married “twice in three days”. 

    So the vows they made on national TV were not real vows? So everything we saw was a sham,” he questioned. 

    “Also who has the Archbishop of Canterbury in their back garden to get married? And they claim to be ‘people of the people’.

    “The Archbishop of Canterbury wouldn’t have officiated on a fake wedding so presumably he did the real wedding and we got sold a scam for £30million.” 

    Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV. 

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    GMB fans rage at Susanna Reid for not ‘sticking up’ for Piers Morgan – ‘He was right!’


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