Goodbye Windows 10! Microsoft to reveal Windows 11 tomorrow but fans already hate it


Microsoft will say a fond farewell to Windows 10 tomorrow as it ushers in its all-new Windows 11 upgrade. The Redmond firm is expected to reveal all during a major keynote with a leak already confirming that Windows 11 will be the star of the show. As spotted by the team at Windows Latest it appears that Microsft accidentally published a new support document showing the Windows 11 name.

We also know that that Microsoft is officially ending support for Windows 10 in 2025 which clearly shows it’s being replaced by something new.

Full details will be revealed in just over 24 hours and this upgrade may come as a bit of a shock to some who thought that Window 10 was here for good. In fact, it may have even surprised some at Microsoft with the firm saying back in 2015 that Windows 10 would be its final operating system.

We’ll have to wait and see exactly what new features are included in Windows 11 but early leaks, showing how things will look, certainly haven’t gone down well with Windows 10 fans.

Numerous people have managed to get hold of Windows 11 early with videos, posted on Twitter, showing off its new look. The upgrade appears to feature a refreshed design with an updated start menu, soft round corners on boxes, a change to the desktop pattern and even a brand-new sound when users boot up their PC.

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Since the leaks began, millions have viewed the clips and many don’t seem all that enthralled with what could be coming to their PCs.

“This….. is just garbage design,” said one user. Whilst another added: “I don’t get it, why, what’s the point, why call it 11? We all know it’s just Windows 10 under there and all the legacy code of the past 30 years. I don’t understand the need for rounded corners when 98% of screens have hard corners.”

Other Windows 10 users are venting their frustration at losing their current software with one saying: “Wasn’t Windows 10 supposed to be the last version? Wasn’t it pitched as a live service that Microsoft was going to update forever? Am I misremembering things?”

A large number of the complaints revolve around Microsoft appearing to move the famous Start Menu from the side to the middle of the screen.

This has left some scratching their heads at the decision with one user tweeting, “I’m not understanding why you’d move the start button to the middle when it’s been in the lower corner for literally the past 3 decades.”

Another user added: “Move the start to the middle of the taskbar and call it windows 11, what kind of joke is this?”

One Windows fan blasted all of the upcoming changes and promised to skip Windows 11 completely, “Any details on when Windows 12 is being released? Because I’m definitely skipping this one…if I wanted us use something that looks like MacOS then I’d buy a Mac; not this half-baked imitation.”

Of course, the early leaks may not give a real indication of what is to come from Microsoft and will bring you all of the news from frirm’s showcase tomorrow watch this space.

Things will kick off at 4pm BST with Microsoft live streaming the showcase on the web with the firm currently teasing, “Join us to see what’s next for Windows.”

Published at Wed, 23 Jun 2021 06:31:00 +0000

Goodbye Windows 10! Microsoft to reveal Windows 11 tomorrow but fans already hate it


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