Google just announced a big reason to ditch WhatsApp for good


Those wanting a more feature-packed way to send messages to friends and family might want to consider switching to Google’s Messages. The US technology giant has just announced a massive overhaul to this Android service and what’s coming soon will make WhatsApp look like it’s living in the dark ages.

The release, which will arrive on devices in the coming weeks, includes new ways to organise chats with business and personal messages separated automatically – a bit like how many users manage their email inbox. With tabs at the top of the app, you’ll be able to quickly switch between chats from your mates and those from the office.

Google is also allowing fans to set one-time password messages which will automatically be deleted after 24 hours to help reduce extra and unwanted clutter.

Android owners will soon find it much better when sending messages to friends who own an iPhone with reactions, such as thumps up, now working seamlessly across these rival platforms. Reactions, which first launched on iOS, offer a much faster and more interactive way to respond in chats and it’s great to see this technology now working on both Apple and Android smartphones.

Along with that reactions update, Google also says that videos won’t be crunched down when Android users share them with those on iPhone.

Explaining more about this feature, Google said: “Today, the RCS standard lets people with Android devices share beautiful, high-quality photos and videos with one another. But unfortunately, without RCS, they look blurry when you share them with your iPhone friends. Now everyone can watch your videos in the same resolution that you do since we’re bringing Google Photos into Messages. You can send your videos as Google Photos links right inside the conversation, preserving their clarity.”

Another feature that’s sure to please users is Google’s ability to give a gentle nudge when it’s time to send a message. This includes when it’s someone’s birthday or if a message has been received but not responded to within a few days. An alert will appear at the top of the app showing how long ago the message was received and a quick way to respond.

Finally, there’s a great new update for anyone who loves to send emojis with Google allowing users to create their own via mashups. This allows two emojis to be combined to make something much more personal.

“Messaging is how we stay in touch with friends, keep up with family, and get things done. But it’s not always as easy as it should be,” said Jan Jedrzejowicz Group Product Manager, Messages and Phone by Google Conversations with friends on other platforms can be unnecessarily challenging. Important messages slip through the cracks because of cluttered inboxes. And sometimes we forget entirely to reach out on special occasions.

“Our latest updates to Messages by Google help ease some of these pain points so that you’re free to connect with the people you care about — no matter what device they use.”

Googles says that this blockbuster upgrade will arrive on phones in the coming weeks – watch out WhatsApp!

Published at Mon, 14 Mar 2022 07:28:00 +0000

Google just announced a big reason to ditch WhatsApp for good