GTA 5 Online update ahead of Grand Theft Auto Heists reveal from Rockstar Games


GTA 5 Online update ahead of Grand Theft Auto Heists reveal from Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games has promised a big Grand Theft Auto expansion before the year’s end and fans are hoping for an announcement soon. So far, all we know is that the famous studio is going to expand GTA 5 Online in a big way before the end of 2020. This includes launching a new GTA Online in a yet to be revealed location. The big thing about this is that it could be mean a large map change, or something bigger.

There’s a chance that Rockstar are preparing to release a GTA 5 Heist on a special map, making for a huge change.

Nothing like this has ever been done in GTA Online and the closest we’ve gotten to something like this is the opening of the casino.

But with the arrival of next-gen consoles and Rockstar’s plans to release Grand Theft Auto 5 on the Xbox Series X and PS5, there plenty of room for large expansions in the future.

We don’t know exactly when any of this will be revealed, with Rockstar only providing the smallest of hints at what they have planned.

“Later this year players can expect more big updates for both games, including some exciting new extensions and augmentations to an existing role in Red Dead Online, and the biggest ever update for GTA Online, featuring our latest take on Heists in an entirely new location.”

An announcement in the coming weeks would make perfect timing before the release of the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

But Rockstar Games rarely follows the rules, so fans will need to keep an eye out for the latest news on this upcoming update.

For now, we have the usual weekly update, providing new rewards and bonuses for those playing GTA Online this week.

Rockstar has confirmed that there are now double Payouts on All Contact Missions, play Triple Rewards on Transform Races and Tripled Salaries for Associates & Bodyguards.

More on this week’s rewards and discounts can be found below:

  • Double GTA$ & RP in all Contact Missions
  • Triple GTA$ & RP in Transform Races
  • Associates and Bodyguards are earning Tripled Salaries for the next seven days
  • A free Fruit Tee, emblazoned with “THINK Simple,” for any player that logs in before October 14th
  • The Los Santos Summer Special’s Lampadati Tigon is the latest Lucky Wheel top prize
  • 40% off High-End Apartments and all Garages
  • Vehicle Discounts, including: 40% off the Blista Kanjo and Dinka Sugoi, plus 30% off the JB700W and Maxwell Vagrant
  • Laser Weapon Discounts: 40% off the Up-n-Atomizer, Widowmaker, and the Unholy Hellbringer
  • Prime Gaming Bonuses: A one-time GTA$1,000,000 bonus for players who link their Amazon and Rockstar Games Social Club accounts, plus a GTA$200K bonus for playing this week
  • Prime Gaming Discounts: 80% off the P-45 Nokota and FH-1 Hunter, along with the free Vespucci Canals Nightclub property


As in any thriving economy, excess and sales discounts go hand in hand. Aspiring moguls can take 40% off the retail cost of both High-End Apartments and all Garage properties, plus discounts on vehicles and laser weapons like the Up-n-Atomizer. Read on for the complete list.

  • High-End Apartments – 40% off
  • All Garages – 40% off

Laser Weapons:

  • Up-n-Atomizer – 40% off
  • Widowmaker – 40% off
  • Unholy Hellbringer – 40% off


  • Blista Kanjo – 40% off
  • Dinka Sugoi – 40% off
  • JB700W – 30% off
  • Maxwell Vagrant – 30% off

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