Hyper Scape update: 1.1 patch notes, maintenance news and crossplay latest


Hyper Scape update: 1.1 patch notes, maintenance news and crossplay latest

Hyper Scape update 1.1 is launching on September 3, and that means a new download and maintenance period. The development team has revealed that maintenance and server down time will begin at around 2pm BST (9am ET). Ubisoft has confirmed that this week’s patch will be a big one but it won’t include any new crossplay features. Hyper Scape crossplay has been announced for PS4, Xbox One and PC, but it won’t be arriving until sometime after the end of Season 1.

That doesn’t mean this week’s patch won’t make some major changes though, with new controller response curve settings, player profile stats, and weapon balancing confirmed.

A rundown of these change have been shared by Ubisoft and the development team, who posted this week:

“Thanks to the arrival of console we have received a lot of comments on the game experience with a Controller, much more than we heard during our Open Beta.

Players particularly reported issues related to the aiming sensitivity of the game, and the comfort of Controller sticks in general. As such, we are adding new Controller settings to disable Aim Acceleration and choose a Linear Response Curve. Making sure you have a good experience on console is key for us so we will continue monitoring your feedback on this topic closely.

“We also heard from our community that winning with the Crown during the Showdown phase was too easy and that chasing the Crown Bearer was frustrating for players. We’ve made important balancing changes to this phase of the match which, along with the improved aiming comfort on console, should make for a much better overall experience.

“Regarding weapons, the patch 1.1 is addressing several important balancing issues you reported, both on PC & Console – namely around Hexfire and Mammoth being too dominant.

“We’ve also started to introduce Damage Falloff into the game, beginning with the Protocol V sniper rifle, to reduce the chance of getting 1-shot killed by a player extremely far from the action. At very long distance its damage will start decreasing progressively.

“This has been a frequent request from our community since July’s test phases, and we’re happy to hear your feedback on the results. We are also introducing a new Lens Flare effect on the Protocol only, to help players spot snipers aiming at them more easily.”

Highlights from this week’s patch notes can be found below:


  • 2 new settings have been added for Controller aiming:
  • Aim Response Curve: Classic Curve / Linear Curve Toggle (Classic by default)
  • Aim Acceleration: ON/OFF Toggle (ON by default)

DEVELOPER NOTES: Many of you, especially those playing on Console, asked for improvements on the aiming experience on Controller. We’re adding these new settings for all platforms to let you to better control the level of precision & inertia when aiming with the sticks.


  • You can now access your PLAYER PROFILE & several lifetime stats from the HALL OF CHAMPIONS portal in the Hyper Scape HUB, in the Profile tab.
  • This is only the first step; we plan to expand this feature in the future.


  • You can now REPORT PLAYERS from the Elimination screen.

Published at Thu, 03 Sep 2020 01:00:04 +0000


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