It Was All Meant To Be: Ella Henderson’s Musical Timeline

Ella Henderson
Photo Courtesy of Big Beat Atlantic Records

Ella Henderson’s artistry and career is astonishing to many, as she has already accomplished an essay of a resume at only the age of 25. With her debut single ‘Ghost’, Ella Henderson exploded onto the scene as a new artist in 2014, doing so at just 18 years old and becoming the fastest-selling debut song from a British artist that year. It wasn’t until Ella’s debut album, Chapter One broke Platinum that year, making her one of only three UK artists to do so. She then rounded out the year with two BRIT nominations, including “Best British Female” and “Best British Single,” as well as 2 sell-out shows at London’s Shepherd’s Bush Empire.

Ella Henderson’s New Record, ‘Risk It All’

Within the next few years of her music career, she continued to work with some of the top music creators, including superstar DJs Kygo, Jax Jones, and more. Furthermore, she signed her to a new record deal with Take That, James Arthur, and Rudimental. For Ella, it’s only up from here, as she has recently released a brand new single with Just Kiddin’ and the House Gospel Choir.

‘Risk It All’ is an ode to taking risks in life without even realizing it. According to Ella, even falling in love and throwing yourself into something whole-heartedly is taking a risk! It all started when Rudimental introduced her to the choir and knew from that moment that she wanted to collaborate with them. Talk about a case of the right song at the right time! 

“When I finished working on ‘Risk It All’ with Just Kiddin’ – we felt as though we loved this record, but there was an element of something missing on the track,” Ella explains. “So we ended up asking the choir to come down & record some vocals on it – & now the rest is history! All I can say is that particular day I felt so excited about this record because it stands up for everything I see myself as an artist – real, raw & soulful.” 

There is a music video for “Risk It All” as well, shot on top of cliffs along the English coast during sunset. Watch it below:

More About Ella Henderson

Originally from Lincolnshire, Ella Henderson began singing at the age of three and learned how to play the piano a few years later. Her interest developed further at primary school and she eventually attended the Tring Park School for the Performing Arts to study music further. During her training, she was very much drawn towards Amy Winehouse and her Back to Black album.

“I feel like her lyrics & her phrasing when she sang were from another era & she was so special,” Ella says. “Her voice hit something in me that just resonates & she will always be someone that I personally look up to as an icon when it comes to staying true to who you are as an individual because it is so easy to get lost or caught up in the things that really should not matter in this industry.” 

Ella Henderson
Photo Credit: Luke O’Sullivan & Naomi Kane

As she stays true to her artistry, Ella has been a lot more in tune with work and life balance ever since the lockdown life started. 

“I think being home a lot & having the world on shutdown really reminded me of just how important it is to take time for yourself & to take care of yourself both physically & mentally,” Ella says. “I do yoga, walks & just simple things at the start of my days now that really help ground me & set me up for a good positive day.” 

And as it may be hard for some others, she loves lifting and supporting other women in the industry, as it is important to have each other’s backs, especially during this time.

“Most of my team are made up of amazing, hardworking, and passionate women as well – there are so many talented female songwriters and producers behind the scenes too that I love working with!” Ella says. “I don’t view any other women making music as a rival at all, I believe we are all worthy of our own success we create for each other.”

Our Favorite Ella Henderson Pick

Our favorite track of Ella’s is her collaboration with Kygo on ‘Here For You’. Originally played as an instrumental back in 2015 at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Ella Henderson’s vocals came along with the track’s official release and has been an all-time favorite to many. 

“Kygo sent me the track via social media, and I wrote on it, and sent it back and hadn’t heard anything for months, and then the vocals from the demo actually ended up being on the record!” Ella says. “All without meeting each other in person. But he’s such a great producer and DJ, I really rate how he’s kept elevating his career over the years! Hopefully one day we get to perform it live together again…” 

Listen to ‘Here For You’ below: 

Meanwhile, follow Ella Henderson on her social outlets below:






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