James Bond movies: Do James Bond films use special effects? Insider reveals TRUTH


James Bond movies: Do James Bond films use special effects? Insider reveals TRUTH

James Bond movies have got bigger and better over the years. They have gone from plastic, underwater crocodile submarines to some very impressive gadgets and even bigger explosions. But with all the flashy new car chases and actions sequences, do they use special effects?

One insider, Luke Armstrong spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about the release of his new movie, Solitary, which features two prisoners lost in space and forced to do whatever is necessary to return to earth.

Before making his directorial debut, Luke worked on major movies such as Skyfall and Spectre, and had real insight into the world of visual effects.

Speaking about the use of digital compositing in Bond, Luke said: “Compositing is an artform and it should be seamless really especially in films like Bond where they really care about doing things practically.

“I have to say Bond does do most things for real – there are very few big VFX shots in it, it’s [the job] more tidying stuff up and little things.

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“But other films like the Fast and Furious franchise make no secret of using big digital cars and stuff and outlandish stunts which are done digitally.

“But there are different styles in different films.”

While it is surprising to think the huge set pieces performed in Bond movies are just that, performed, it is in fact the truth.

For Luke, there is a certain joy in working on a project “where the effects are invisible and seamless,” which was certainly the cast for Bond.

Of course, it comes as no surprise there are a huge number of practical effects, given how many stunt injuries its star, Daniel Craig, has succumbed to.

While filming Casino Royale, the star’s two front teeth were knocked out during a fight scene, with a source telling the Sunday Mirror: “He put his hand to his mouth, but the blood started to seep through his fingers—it was horrible. He did not make a fuss though.”

After Quantum of Solace, Daniel needed surgery to repair damage to his shoulder after an old injury was, in his words to The Telegraph, “probably aggravated… by jumping around on Bond movies.”

He also lost the tip of one of his fingers and spent time in hospital during the filming.


Famously, filming on Spectre was halted when he sprained his knee, though luckily only for a few days, and on No Time to Die he was flown to the USA for X-rays during the filming after hurting his ankle.

The production was only halted for a short time, but clearly his dedication to the role has caused some injuries – though very few special effects.

The latest trailer for No Time to Die shows the amount of stunts and action sequences have not been decreased, despite Daniel ageing 15 years while playing the character.

Clearly, despite turning 52-years-old earlier this year, he was not willing to quit “jumping around on Bond movies.”

No Time to Die is out in cinemas on November 12

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