Line Of Duty’s Vicky McClure confession on BBC show spoilers: ‘I tell them everything!’


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    The actress, who plays Detective Inspector Kate Flemming, returns to TV screens tonight in the second episode of Line Of Duty season six. McClure rose to fame in the film This Is England before going on to star in a TV adaptation of the football drama, Broadchurch and Alex Rider. During her career, the 37-year-old has won an RTS and a BAFTA award for her portrayals.

    Despite being a popular figure on screen, McClure admitted she was concerned about “being on TV too much”.

    She was “paranoid” viewers would get “really bored” of her “really quickly” after she appeared in both Line Of Duty and ITV2’s spy comedy Action Team.

    The actress “worried” fans might become complacent after the “two big shows” she starred in “overlapped each other”.

    McClure’s comments to the Evening Standard in 2018 were followed by a remark about not wanting to become too famous.

    line of duty season six spoiler bbc vicky mcclure

    Line Of Duty star Vicky McClure spoke out about the difficult of keeping the show’s plot line secret (Image: BBC)

    line of duty season six spoiler bbc vicky mcclure

    Vicky McClure joins newbie Kelly Macdonad in season six of Line Of Duty, which airs on BBC One (Image: BBC)

    Last year, she told iNews that she “didn’t need to have the luxuries of Hollywood” and was “not so desperate to get there”.

    Instead, McClure relished shows like Line Of Duty, which she dubbed “Lines Of Duty” because of the lengthy and difficult-to-learn dialogue.

    She said: “I just feel like I’m such a normal person in an industry that is so chaotic and crazy.”

    The star, who described herself as a “happy-go-lucky person”, believed not wanting to become a blockbuster star was justified.

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    line of duty season six spoiler bbc vicky mcclure

    Vicky McClure admitted her parents and fiance ‘always asked’ for Line Of Duty spoilers (Image: BBC)

    McClure said: “I am what I am and I can’t change it. And I don’t want to change it! I don’t need a trailer.”

    After filming for Line Of Duty was put on hold last year to avoid the spread of coronavirus, she admitted she was disappointed.

    McClure described it as “a massive blow for everybody” when the production for season six was halted for a few weeks in March.

    She expressed sympathy to everyone struggling during the pandemic and said: “It’s tough not to go to work when that’s what we naturally do.”

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    line of duty season six spoiler bbc vicky mcclure unveil the Top 10 followed accounts on Twitter (Image: EXPRESS)

    In 2019, McClure claimed it was really hard to keep the plot of Line Of Duty secret from her nearest and dearest.

    She told the Evening Standard: “I’m not even allowed to say if anyone as much as gets arrested in it.”

    McClure reiterated that Line Of Duty spoilers are closely guarded secrets and she is forbidden from sharing details about the show with anyone.

    She said: “I haven’t told my other half – I haven’t even told my parents and I tell them everything.”

    line of duty season six spoiler bbc vicky mcclure

    Line Of Duty: Vicky McClure explained that Martin Compston was behind a viral video of her dancing (Image: BBC)

    McClure remained silent despite pressure from her fiance and family, who were “asking me all the time”.

    She rejected claims that there was a rivalry between Line Of Duty and Bodyguard, both of which were written by Jed Mercurio.

    McClure described the creator as “a genius” and noted he had “amazing success” with both shows.

    Bodyguard starred Richard Madden, who played Robb Stark in Game Of Thrones, as protection officer David Budd. 

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    Despite the shows having similar themes and equally prominent primetime slots on the BBC, McClure seemed unconcerned.

    She said: “There’s no rivalry between us… there is room on telly for both David Budd and Kate Fleming!”

    This week, McClure opened up about a viral video of her dancing to Daniel Bedingfield’s 2002 hit Gotta Get Thru last year.

    She told talkSPORT that the cast “buy each other a present for the wrap of Line of Duty” – and last season, Martin Compston got them “Celtic shirts with AC-12 on the back”.

    line of duty season six spoiler bbc vicky mcclure

    Vicky McClure news: Line Of Duty season six broadcasts on Sundays at 9pm (Image: GETTY)

    McClure continued: “I just happened to be wearing it that day and then I ended up doing this video for my family that I sent on WhatsApp,

    “It was very innocent and it turned into a big deal!”

    Line Of Duty airs at 9pm tonight on BBC One.

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    Line Of Duty’s Vicky McClure confession on BBC show spoilers: ‘I tell them everything!’


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