Lockdown end: Dr Khan warns of crucial flaw in Boris Johnson’s twice-weekly testing plans


    Number 10 confirmed Britons will be able to access two coronavirus tests a week from Friday, noting mass testing will play a pivotal role in the re-opening of the British economy alongside mass vaccinations. Under the new plan, everyone in England will be eligible to get two free lateral flow tests (LFDs) per week. But Good Morning Britain‘s guest Dr Amir Khan warned a significant flaw of the tests could throw a spanner in the Government’s plan to reopen the UK. 

    Dr Khan said: “The issue is how accurate are these lateral flow tests.

    “According to the Government’s own website, they are 99 percent effective, more than 99 percent effective in picking up people with coronavirus.

    “However, a Cochrane review looking at all the data is a bit more independent has suggested that it’s only 58 percent effective in picking up asymptomatic people, 72 percent effective in picking up symptomatic people.

    “And this is where the debate comes in.”

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    The physician said the focus of the Government is identifying people carrying the virus but showing no symptoms in a bid to prevent Covid from spreading.

    He continued: “The idea is one in three people will have coronavirus and not have symptoms.

    “We want to pick up those people who don’t have symptoms who may be spreading it around.

    “According to the World Health Organization, you’re most infectious in the days one to three before you develop symptoms than the week afterwards. It’s that day one to three period that we really want to pick people up.

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    Published at Mon, 05 Apr 2021 06:27:00 +0000

    Lockdown end: Dr Khan warns of crucial flaw in Boris Johnson’s twice-weekly testing plans


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