Mirzapur season 3 spoilers: Will Ramakant Pandit be killed off in Mirzapur series 3?


Mirzapur season 3 spoilers: Will Ramakant Pandit be killed off in Mirzapur series 3?

Season three of Mirzapur is going to be picking up the bloody tale of gangland warfare. The show looks at the powerplay between rival gangsters in the North Indian region with the second series witnessing a major shift. But could the third outing see this major character meeting a devastating end?

Will Ramakant Pandit be killed off in Mirzapur season 3?

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Mirzapur seasons 1 and 2

Throughout Mirzapur lawyer Ramakant Pandit (played by Rajesh Tailang) has remained the beating moral heart of the story.

From the start, he refused to let anything compromise his morals and retained a firm belief in doing the right thing.

This led him on a collision course with the Tripathis and would change his family forever after he refused to drop a case against Munna Bhaiya (Divyenndu).

Due to standing up for what he believed in, his sons Guddu (Ali Fazal) and Bablu (Vikrant Massey) ended up following a different path as they embarked on a life of crime on behalf of the Tripathis.

Mr Pandit was left disgusted and dismayed by the choices his sons had made with the two young men seemingly lost to him forever.

Bablu’s death seemed to make Mr Pandit even more fervent in his beliefs about the differences between right and wrong.

He also blamed Guddu for Bablu’s death and said he had blood on his hands – not just for his brother’s death but the demise of his wife Sweety Gupta (Shriya Pilgaonkar) and their unborn child.

Mr Pandit appeared to stick to his strong opinions right until the end of season two when he gave Guddu up to the police, naively believing his son would receive a fair trial.

Instead, the corrupt cops were working for the Tripathis and planning to kill Guddu with Mr Pandit only realising too late.

Although Mr Pandit saved Guddu’s life, he had to shoot dead a crooked police officer in the process.

Guddu told his father, the decision to kill the police officer was a choice and something he would have to carry with him for the rest of his life.

Mr Pandit admitted he would hand himself in and pay for his crimes, still firm in his belief justice was blind and would be done with due process.

Honour has no place in Mirzapur and it would seem highly likely Mr Pandit could be killed for shooting the policeman dead.

Although the lawyer remains the show’s moral compass, his continued idealism won’t keep him safe for much longer.

However, the decision to kill off Mr Pandit is not one which the writers will take lightly, and they will carefully consider if it would serve the story.

Reddit user weirrrrrd has laid out their predictions for season three, posting: “Ramakant Pandit wants to jail himself but Guddu uses his influence to stop that.”

The Mirzapur fan goes on to say: “Ramakant manages to get himself jailed even after great opposition from Guddu and his wife.”

They go on to suggest the character will meet a grisly fate: “Ramakant pandit is killed in jail and Sharad sends his severed head to Guddu.”

Although this is simply speculation at this stage, the prediction seems to fit with the character of Mr Pandit who is desperate to uphold the law he dearly loves.

Again, Mr Pandit’s death could serve as another motivator for Guddu to come after the Tripathis for what they’ve done.

Mr Pandit is very much an innocent among all the bloodshed and could become another needless casualty of the violence of Mirzapur.

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