Nintendo Direct September 2020: Good and bad news for fans hoping for Direct this month


Nintendo Direct September 2020: Good and bad news for fans hoping for Direct this month

It’s been almost a year since the last full-fat , with that broadcast airing on September 4 2019. Since then Ninty has held other streams, but none have been as jam-packed full of announcements as a proper Nintendo Direct. But thankfully the wait for the next major Nintendo Direct could soon be over with a notable insider revealing some good – and bad news – for fans.

Reputable Nintendo podcast Nate the Hate has dropped some big news about an upcoming major announcement from Nintendo.

Nate correctly revealed the August Indie and Direct Mini streams before they were announced, and also claimed Ninty had originally planned to announce the heavily rumoured Super Mario 3D collection in June.

This is rumoured to be a Super Mario All Stars-style collection for the Nintendo Switch that would see classic 3D Mario titles get the HD remaster treatment.

The iconic games believed to be included in the collection are Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy.


The Super Mario 3D collection was allegedly getting released to mark the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros first launching on the Famicom in Japan on September 13 1985.

And according to the latest comments from Nate, the Super Mario 3D collection could be getting announced this month to mark this landmark date.

Which could signal that the next Nintendo Direct could be being happening by of before September 13.

However, as reported in a post by VGC, the bad news is Nate has said the release of the Super Mario 3D collection could be coming later this year.

Nate explained the original plan was for the title to get announced in June ahead of a September release date, but it’s now more likely to launch as a “holiday game”.

Nate said: “I think now it’s going to be positioned more as a holiday game than as they had originally planned.


“I believe the original plan was that the 3D collection was going to come out in September, had these games been announced in June… then we probably would have had 3D World Deluxe follow it in either October of maybe even early November. Now that’s completely scrapped.”

Nate went onto say in a new podcast: “Then we’re potentially looking at 3D collection either being early October… or the 3D collection is going to come out in November and be positioned as a prime holiday title, with a Mario-themed console, dock and all of that.

“Then I think you’re going to see 3D World Deluxe get delayed out of the 35th anniversary party and it’s going to come out in January 2021.”

The news may come as a blow to fans who had been looking forward to revisiting this classic Mario titles in glorious HD on their Switch this month.

But, as with all aspects of our life, the coronavirus pandemic has had a major effect and according to the insider this is no exception for Nintendo.

Nate said: “That’s a sign of how messed up Nintendo got from COVID-19 for 2020 scheduling… I would say I’m 99 percent confident that Pikmin 3 is being slotted in to replace the timing that 3D World had”.

Hopefully if Ninty are planning a Nintendo Direct for September 2020 then it will help fill in the blanks for the Switch’s release schedule for the remainder of the year.

The Switch’s release schedule for the rest of 2020 is looking extremely bare to say the least, with no major, landmark first-party releases on the horizon.

We know that Wii U title Pikmin 3 is getting a Deluxe version in October, while No More Heroes 3 and Bravely Default 2 are also pencilled in for TBA 2020 releases.

But apart from that there’s not too much for Switch fans to get excited about.

Rumour has it though Breath of the Wild 2 and Metroid Prime 4 could be getting release dates in 2020.

And if that’s the case then it could make the lengthy wait for the next Direct worth it for plenty of Switch fans.

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