No Xbox Live Gold games to play? Try these new freebies for Xbox Series X


    Microsoft’s Games with Gold has a range of new titles to claim, but sometimes you can find yourself left without anything new to play.

    The latest titles added by Microsoft might not catch your eye, or you might have simply played them all a little too much.

    The good news for anyone looking for something new to try is that three new freebies have arrived.

    And as part of Microsoft’s Free Play Days programme, they can be accessed at no extra charge by anyone with an Xbox Game Pass or Xbox Live Gold subscription.

    The only downside for anyone with an active XGP is that all of this weekend’s new Free Play Days games are already available in the Pass library.

    But for those with Xbox Live Gold, it offers the perfect time to try out ARK Survival Evolved, Fallout 76, or Football Manager 2021.

    FM21 might be the most enticing game of the bunch as it’s relatively new and offers a different gameplay style.

    While ARK Survival Evolved is a survival sim that has been around for years and Fallout 76 proved a massive disappointment to fans, FM21 is a footy-management sim that has only just arrived on Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

    While not quite the same as the famous PC experience, Football Manager 2021 on Xbox still provides an interesting blend of matchday and management mechanics.

    Building your own manager from scratch, you can choose to helm a number of famous sides from the English Premier League as you try to score as many trophies as possible.

    Managers have to balance the budget, build a winning strategy, and sign the top players to have any chance against the likes of Manchester City and Liverpool.

    FM21 is available to play for free across Xbox One and Xbox Series X, although the next-gen experience offers a little more.

    “If you’re on Xbox One, you’ll be restricted to loading just five of the best footballing nations, so home in on the trophies that matter to you.

    “When you’re confident in your managerial abilities, why not compete against your friends for the ultimate bragging rights in one of FM21 Xbox’s online modes?

    “You can each select your favourite club and take on the world – and each other – in an online Career Mode game or mix things up in Fantasy Draft where you and your friends can draft squads of the biggest stars in football and face off against each other.”

    All three Free Play Day games are available to download now and will remain playable until around 8am BST on Monday, June 14.

    Published at Fri, 11 Jun 2021 19:19:59 +0000

    No Xbox Live Gold games to play? Try these new freebies for Xbox Series X


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