Richard Madeley fumed at Meghan Markle feud: 'She's stepped into a snake pit'


    Richard Madeley will feature on Tipping Point Lucky Stars tomorrow as he looks to win the popular gameshow hosted by Ben Shepard Singing sensation Sheila Ferguson and TV personality and professional footballer Mark Wright take on the machine. Mr Madeley is a staple figure in British broadcasting, seen regularly on Good Morning Britain among other shows. The morning TV star has also become outspoken on a wide range of issues, including the ongoing divisions in the Royal Family.

    In 2019, he said he “felt sorry” for Meghan Markle, and also warned that Prince Harry’s popularity had “fallen off a cliff.”

    Mr Madeley and co-star Kate Garraway were holding a discussion around Nigel Farage criticising Meghan and Harry.

    Mr Farage claimed Harry’s popularity has “fallen off a cliff” since marrying Meghan.

    The presenter responded to this, saying: “Isn’t it extraordinary how the honeymoon with the public that Harry and Meghan had has faded so quickly.

    “Pretty much in a year, it’s gone. Personally, I feel a bit sorry for Meghan I think she’s stepped into a snake pit. Diana stepped into a snake pit.

    “I think she’s going to have to learn pretty sharpish how to play the odds down there because it’s a rough old world in the royal family when you’re that high profile.”

    He added: “I think she’s learning now and I think it’ll get better for them.”

    Prior to these comments, Mr Madeley also defended Meghan amid the row with her father Thomas Markle.

    He was discussing the issue with co-host Susanna Reid.

    She said: “There has been criticism in this programme it would be fair to say that she perhaps leaves people behind in her wake when she has moved on in her career.

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    “And there’s also that fracture in her family and the fact she no longer apparently speaks to her father.”

    Mr Madeley cut in: “Do you blame her for not talking to her dad because I don’t? I think he’s an absolute toerag.”

    Meghan’s relationship with her dad after he staged photos with the paparazzi and leaked a private letter she sent him.

    Ms Reid added that it is “terribly sad” that the relationship broke down, but said Thomas Markle made a “terrible error” in setting up staged paparazzi shots.

    Mr Madeley interjected: “Errors plural. And everything else since, talking about her in great intimate detail. I think it’s the behaviour no father should be indulging.”

    Royal biographer Hugo Vickers said: “I think it’s very sad actually. I think he’s rather a broken man” to which the presenter replied: “He’s broken himself.”

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    Following Harry and Meghan’s bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey in March, Mr Madeley said he believed the Duchess of Sussex

    She alleged that concerns were raised in the Firm about Archie’s skin colour before he was born, and also said she was denied help amid her mental health struggles.

    Mr Madeley wrote for the Express in March: “When it came to those allegations of racism within the Royal Family – much trailed in the pre-publicity snippets – I was expecting to dismiss them more or less out of hand.

    “But again those expectations were confounded. They were horribly believable. Who on earth would even think of asking a new parent what shade of brown the skin of their mixed-race child might be? What a question!

    “Why on earth ask it? What was poor Harry supposed to reply? How could he possibly know, and why would he care anyway?

    “Both parents stood firm against Oprah’s repeated attempts to persuade them to name and shame the royal involved (off-camera as well as on, apparently).

    They’ve taken a lot of flak for that, but I think it was a wise and even kind decision. “It would be very damaging for them,” Meghan said, evenly. (And it will be – a story as big as this is bound to leak eventually).”

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    Richard Madeley fumed at Meghan Markle feud: 'She's stepped into a snake pit'


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