Steam Sale 2021: The next Steam Sale is for Lunar New Year


    New reports suggest that the next Steam Sale in 2021 will be happening in February 2021.

    And while that’s still a few weeks away, that gives gamers the perfect amount of time to complete their back-catalogue.

    However, if you’re like me, and just end up piling games upon games, you were probably hoping for something coming a little sooner.

    From what has been shared so far, the next major Steam Sale will be happening in February to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

    And as you might expect, the start of this sale is going to coincide with the big global event.


    A new report out this week suggests that the Lunar New Year Steam Sale for 2021 is going to start on Thursday, February 11, 2020.

    This new Steam Sale will run for several days and will reportedly end on February 15, just after Valentine’s Day.

    The Steam Database shared the latest on the upcoming Steam Sale, telling gamers on Twitter:

    “The Steam Lunar New Year Sale 2021 will run from 11th February to 15th. Leaked from an email to Steam partners, and you know, the Chinese New Year is on 12th.”

    And this won’t be the only big thing happening on the Steam platform in February, with Valve bringing back another fan-favourite event at the start of the new month.

    The Steam Game Festival will be returning on February 3 and will give gamers the chance to try out new demos and watch developer sessions.

    A message from Valve explains: “The Steam Game Festival: February 2021 will run from February 3, 2021 at 10am PST until February 9, 2021 at 10am PST. The window to opt your game into the festival is open until December 2, 2020 at 11:59pm PST.

    “Please note that we won’t be accepting new submissions after the opt-in window closes.

    “The Steam Game Festival returns on February 3, 2021! The Steam Game Festival is a multi-day celebration where fans can try out demos, chat with developers, watch live streams, and learn about upcoming games on Steam.

    “For developers, the Steam Game Festival is an opportunity to get early feedback from players and build an audience for a future launch on Steam.

    “Games that are releasing within six months following the festival are eligible to participate. Another Steam Game Festival is planned for June 2021, so you will have the chance to plan ahead and participate in the event that best suits your release plans.”

    Expect more news from Valve and third-party developers before The Game Festival returns.

    Published at Fri, 15 Jan 2021 01:51:04 +0000

    Steam Sale 2021: The next Steam Sale is for Lunar New Year


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