Steam Summer sale date locked in but new Spring Sale is next


    The latest reports suggest that Valve have at least two major Steam Sales planned for May and June.

    The biggest will be the Steam Summer Sale, which will include discounts on hundreds of games.

    The Summer Sale from Valve has become one of its most popular events and the good news is that we know exactly when it will be arriving.

    We also know that another Steam Sale will be coming before the Summer event, with the final Spring Sale starting this week.

    The Steam Spring Sale has been absent during recent years, having skipped 2019 and 2020 dates.

    However, this year will see Valve host something called the Steam Open World Sale in its place.

    According to Valve, The Steam Open World Sale is a multi-day event celebrating games featuring the popular open-world mechanic.

    The sale will highlight many sub-genres and styles of open world games and while featuring live streams of participating Steam games.

    The steam platform has invited all open-world games to join the event, meaning we don’t know exactly what titles will be included.

    The Steam Open World Sale has a start date scheduled for May 27, with a launch time locked in for 6pm BST.

    The Steam Open World Sale will end on May 31, making it a very short event in comparison to the Summer Sale.


    The Steam Summer Sale is one of Valve’s biggest events of the year and has a release date set for June 24.

    We know about these new dates due to leaked information, meaning they haven’t been announced yet by Valve.

    However, as the company is never one to provide early news on such events, this sounds like the best guide we will have for the time being.

    Other sales are expected to kick off before and after the big Summer Sale event, which usually lasts around two weeks.

    The Steam Summer Sale 2020 kicked off in June around the 25th, making this year’s date look like a good shout.

    Last year’s event was mainly focused on big discounts but it also contained ways of unlocking other items, with the official announcement confirming:

    “Buy games, earn points, then make a quick stop at the all-new, here-to-stay Points Shop, where you’re sure to find the perfect souvenir for your summer adventures on Steam.

    “The shop features dozens of new animated stickers and chat effects, profile backgrounds, mini-profile backgrounds, avatars, avatar frames, and more! Plus, discover hundreds of profile backgrounds and emoticons associated with your favourite games, now available in exchange for Steam Points.

    “In celebration of Summer, claim your free animated stickers at our road trip destinations over the course of the next two weeks. Plus, save an additional $5 when you spend $30 during the sale, or the equivalent in your country.”

    It’s unclear if the same stuff is being planned for the 2021 Steam Summer Sale, or if Valve is planning something different.

    Published at Sun, 23 May 2021 19:01:18 +0000

    Steam Summer sale date locked in but new Spring Sale is next


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