Steam Winter Sale 2021: When is Steam Christmas sale? When is next Steam sale?


    The next big Steam sale starts this week, and there’s going to be plenty of discounts on leading titles to check out.

    The Steam Winter Sale – sometimes referred to as the Christmas Sale – will begin and refresh the Valve Store with tons of new deals.

    These will range from the biggest to the smallest games, including DLC and expansions, as well as singular cosmetic bundles.

    Valve typically doesn’t announce the dates and start times for their next Steam sale in advance, but that doesn’t mean PC gamers haven’t figured out what is happening next using other methods.

    Leaks are the easiest way to determine when the next Steam Sale will kick-off, or by looking at previous launch schedules.

    And like most months, we already have a pretty good idea for when the Steam Winter Sale will start in December 2021.


    Valve does not announce its schedule beforehand, but leaks have already confirmed that the Steam Winter Sale will start on December 22.

    Deals are expected to run until January 5 and there is a good chance that Valve will refresh its lineup around Christmas.

    Based on the most recent events, the Steam Christmas Sale start time is expected to be scheduled for 6pm GMT on Wednesday.

    This could also be a time when Steam updates its latest features and options to encourage gamers to update their profiles.

    Valve did something like this in 2020, making it possible to claim free animated bird stickers, among other deals. Here are some of the other changes that happened last year and could point to some interesting updates for the end of 2021:

    New Profile Showcases and Upgrades

    Don’t have enough room to display all your rare achievements or badges? Now you can upgrade your showcases, giving you more room to display your swag. Still not enough room? You can also get additional showcases for your profile, all for Steam Points. Check them out now in the Steam Points Shop. We’ve also added new showcases to choose from. You can now add the Community Awards, Game Completionist, Featured Artwork, and Video showcases to your Steam Profile.

    Profile and Discussion Awards

    We’ve seen how Steam players have loved awarding reviews and workshop content, so the team has decided to expand this further. Starting today, you can grant community awards to Steam Profiles and Discussion Board posts as well. Learn more here.

    New Community Awards

    There are now even more places to award content, so it would be a shame if there weren’t more awards to choose from. The team has nearly doubled the number of available community awards with this update – this includes the Clever, Wholesome, Wild, and Saucy awards, just to name a few.

    Published at Tue, 21 Dec 2021 02:14:40 +0000

    Steam Winter Sale 2021: When is Steam Christmas sale? When is next Steam sale?


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