Super Mario 3D All-Stars Nintendo Switch warning: The crucial detail fans may have missed


Super Mario 3D All-Stars Nintendo Switch warning: The crucial detail fans may have missed

Nintendo has finally lifted the lid on the heavily rumoured Super Mario 3D All-Stars Collection on Switch.

After months of rumours, Nintendo announced the compilation during a surprise Direct conference on September 3.

To celebrate Super Mario’s 35-year anniversary, Nintendo will release a selection of games and toys based on the iconic character.

This includes the Super Mario 3D All-Stars Collection, which has a September 18 release date on Nintendo Switch.

The Super Mario 3D All-Stars bundle contains remastered versions of three classic Super Mario games.

This includes N64 launch title Super Mario 64, under-appreciated Gamecube classic Super Mario Sunshine, and sublime Nintendo Wii platformer Super Mario Galaxy.

Not only have the games have been optimised for Switch, but the bundle also comes with a special in-game music player.

“Discover three of Mario’s grandest 3D adventures with Super Mario 3D All-Stars on Nintendo Switch!” reads the official description.

“This special bundle includes Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy, all optimised for Nintendo Switch with updated HD graphics, Joy-Con controls, as well as a music player featuring the epic soundtracks from all three games!”

Fans can pre-order the Super Mario 3D All-Stars Collection from the Nintendo eShop, where it costs £49.99.

The bundle will also be available in physical form, although UK pre-orders are yet to go live at the time of writing.

While it’s great to finally discover Nintendo’s plans for Mario’s 35-year anniversary, there is one detail fans may have missed.

According to Nintendo, the Super Mario 3D All-Stars Collection will only be available to purchase for a limited time.

The upcoming Super Mario release can be picked up from September 18 until March 31, 2021.

If you miss out on purchasing the game before March 31, your only option will be to pick up a second-hand copy at inflated prices.

“Super Mario 3D All-Stars can only be purchased until March 31st 2021,” Nintendo confirms.

“Owners can still play its entire contents after this date has passed, and can also re-download it from Nintendo eShop if the software has been archived.”

The only other drawback is that there’s no sign of Super Mario Galaxy 2. Perhaps Nintendo will release a remastered version further down the line.

Published at Thu, 03 Sep 2020 15:43:03 +0000


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