The Masked Singer: Dragon ‘given away’ as Game of Thrones star in clues judges missed


    Dragon has had the ITV judging panel and viewers at home guessing for weeks now following their debut on The Masked Singer. After wowing with their performance of S Club smash Reach, Dragon had viewers impressed once more on Saturday with their rendition of All By Myself. But while the judges’ guesses ended up being a mixed bag, a major hint from Dragon’s clue package prior to their performance has left several viewers landing on a certain Game of Thrones star.

    The Masked Singer contestant dropped a number of hints as to their true identity moments before taking to the stage.

    Dragon said to ITV viewers: “Last time, I gave a smoking performance. Being the dragon is too much fun, it’s great to play a bit of a rebel. 

    “You can’t deny there’s an air of destiny in me becoming the Dragon. It’s like my journey started and ended with a giant winged costume.”

    Dragon added: “Honestly, it’s true – I’m no oathbreaker. 

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    “Us dragons are macho, with wings, we’ll travel. And believe me, I’ve taken some perilous journeys. 

    “Tonight’s adventure leads me back to this stage and I am ready to do battle.”

    While the clues failed to give too much away, eagle-eyed Game of Thrones fans quickly picked up on the use of the word “oathbreaker”.

    In the HBO series, Oathbreaker was the title of the third episode of season six.

    A second agreed: “Dragon is Gwendoline Christie. You laugh now but when I am right …. #MaskedSingerUK.”

    “Bit of an odd one, but could Dragon on #MaskedSingerUK be Gwendoline Christie?” quizzed a third, while a fourth weighed in: “Dragon = Gwendoline Christie. Oathkeeper (name of sword in GoT), wings outfit … #MaskedSingerUK.”

    And a fifth concurred: “Gwendoline Christie – Brienne of Tarth Game of Thrones. Oathbreaker was an episode name, and Oathkeeper was the sword she carried.”

    Gwendoline has done little to dampen the rumours either, failing to post on her Instagram or other social media outlets for the whole of 2021 so far.

    Published at Sat, 23 Jan 2021 22:41:00 +0000

    The Masked Singer: Dragon ‘given away’ as Game of Thrones star in clues judges missed


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