Timmyboy’s Journey to Professional Gamer


My name is Tim Visser. I started gaming at the age of 10. In the beginning, it was mainly a fun activity as a hobby while playing just with friends out of school. In 2015 I started playing Rocket League. When I realized that I was very good at it, my big dream started. I was going to get to the top with this game.
At first, I played for 2-3 hours every night and it quickly became 6-8 hours a day. I noticed
that I started to like the game more and more and got everything under control very quickly with mechanics. Before every start of a ranked game, I always train my skills for quite a long time for smooth control and fast handling. It is difficult to combine school and gaming, but it is possible and I have proven it. My parents support my commitment to gaming and are very proud of what I do and how I made it my job.
After getting a lot of positive reactions from other players and after I noticed how quickly I
picked up everything in the game, I thought to myself I am going to start an Instagram
account to share my Rocket League skills. In one year I have built more than 10,000
followers. I started coaching sessions for teams and individual players to give them more
knowledge of the game, to give good tips and to improve their gameplay. I have participated in several LAN tournaments and managed to win a lot of them, with a nice prize pool to take home. I am ‘Top 100 of the world’ most of the time and compete in weekly tournaments with the best players in the world to stay in my best shape for the real thing; the ‘Rocket League Championship Series’ with a prize pool of $ 3,000,000.
My Socials:
Instagram: TimmyboyRL
Twitter: TimmyboyRL
YouTube: Timmyboy5


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