Valorant patch delay: New update launch time following game is not available error


Valorant patch delay: New update launch time following game is not available error

While today, some gamers are suffering from a few issues, those are expected to disappear before the arrival of the new Valorant patch. This was expected to arrive sooner but Riot Games has now confirmed a new release schedule for the next Valorant update. The new Valorant update is set to go live on Wednesday, September 16, beginning at 5pm BST.

A message from Riot Games explains: “We need a little more time. We’ll be delaying tomorrow’s patch by 24 hours to add a few finishing touches.

“You can expect patches to begin rolling out, starting with the Americas, at 9 AM PT on Wednesday, September 16.”

Currently, gaming are experiencing issues with playing Valorant on the PC platform.

According to those affected, Valorant fans are seeing error messages popping up telling them that “This game is not available on your operating system.”

It’s unclear what is causing the issues tonight or how long they might last in the regions affected.

One user reports: “I opened valorant and it gave me this message. I was literally playing yesterday with no problems and it is now telling me my OS is the problem.

“Nothing has changed and my PC hasn’t updated since yesterday. Any ideas of what this could be?”

Another adds: “Someone else is experiencing this too, so probably a glitch right now with logging in for many people. I’m guessing just wait until Riot gives us a notice on everything cause I have no clue what may be causing this issue.”

“Same problem here, have been playing the game since launch and never had this issue until today.”

As mentioned above, this is a new issue and should be fixed before the new Valorant update is released this week.

Riot Games are also expected to reveal all its plans for the next Valorant update soon, meaning we should have patch notes in the coming hours.

The latest patch is being released as part of the new Act 2 Battle Pass, which has an end date scheduled.

Episode 1: Act 2 is scheduled to end on October 13, with plenty of news expected before the next Battle Pass goes live to replace it.

Valorant is currently only available on PC but Riot Games has provided plenty of hints that the game could arrive on other platforms in the future.

Published at Tue, 15 Sep 2020 02:04:10 +0000


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