Valorant Redeem Code update: Duality Card Redeem Code latest from Riot Games


    With so many people playing Valorant right now, it’s easy to see how issues could arise from a Duality Card giveaway.

    For those who might have missed it, Riot Games revealed that they were given away a free Duality Player Card, starting this weekend.

    However, since the code giveaway began, problems have affected the system to redeem the Duality Card.

    This has left gamers a bit flustered, as the Duality Card was only going to be available until June 1 to claim.

    The good news is that Riot Games has provided an update regarding the situation, confirming that they have dropped the time limit.

    That means there is now no time limit on when you can claim the Duality Card, removing some of the pressure.

    The original system provided a Valorant redeem code which could be posted to

    The Valorant redeem code is YTILAUD – this will unlock the Valorant Duality Card. And the latest information on the current situation reveals that Riot Games are hoping to bring the system back online soon.

    The message reads: “We know a lot of you have been trying to claim your free Duality Player Card.

    “We’re working with our partners to stabilize the code redemption tool as we continue to experience a high volume of traffic. We’ll be removing the time limit and expiration on the code.

    “We will update you once things return to normal.”

    Valorant Player Cards are the background pictures that can be unlocked to use for your name in lobbies, or when you load into a match.

    “To reiterate; this is because we’re prioritizing quality over speed—VALORANT is a game played on the slimmest of margins and we want to make sure everything we put out has the level of refinement you expect.

    “That said, expect a new Agent for Patch 3.0. This time around we are throwing in some abilities that should feel familiar to folks who’ve played traditional FPS games their whole lives, but with added elements that will make those recognizable abilities unique within our roster.

    “This is an Agent who’s utility can create moments where you must rely on your gunplay.

    “Our hope is that the @*&#*&!(&H! #$ &*! *%# &@! *U&^A! “@*!!*(@@*&^” (@&* ^@!^& &@! *&# &^C#^ANG W*^@ $O )(E&# *N@! S!T#$

    “Huh, I’m sorry my keyboard just stopped working there… oh well. The new Agent is coming soon enough, and we’re looking forward to seeing what you think when they finally say hello.”

    Published at Tue, 01 Jun 2021 01:58:39 +0000

    Valorant Redeem Code update: Duality Card Redeem Code latest from Riot Games


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