Warzone Season 2 delay following big Call of Duty update news


    Developers Raven Software and Sledgehammer Games will not be launching Call of Duty Vanguard and Warzone Season 2 on February 2.

    Instead, both teams will be focused on solving the many issues still playing havok across the integrated games.

    Players on PS4 and Xbox One have been complaining of a myriad of problems, leaving some unable to drop into the new Caldera map.

    Others on PC have been hit with disconnection bugs, while those on next-gen consoles have been seeing texture glitches and rendering delays.

    Some of these problems have been solved but others continue to cause problems for those hoping to jump into Vanguard or Warzone for a quick session.

    “To date, we’ve deployed a number of updates, but more needs to be done. For this reason, we have decided to reschedule the start of Season Two across Warzone Pacific and Vanguard to February 14.

    “We will use this additional development time to deliver updates, including optimizations to gameplay, game balancing (including weapon and equipment balancing), to fix game stability and bugs, and to ensure an overall level of polish to improve the experience for players across Vanguard, Warzone Pacific, Black Ops Cold War, and Modern Warfare.

    “Upcoming implementations will address several concerns raised by the community and other quality-of-life improvements. Adjusting the core gameplay loop, mechanics, and balance is a continuing and important focus. Fixes will apply to your platform of choice — two generations of consoles and PC — as well as gameplay in general across all five systems.

    “The expected launch is now February 14 instead of February 2. This will allow us to continue balancing and optimizing your gameplay experience, which remains our priority.”

    More news on the upcoming launch will be shared by both teams as we get closer to the release of Call of Duty Season 2.

    New weapons and map changes are expected, along with fresh zombies experience in Vanguard.

    Published at Wed, 19 Jan 2022 23:39:53 +0000

    Warzone Season 2 delay following big Call of Duty update news


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