Apex Legends Chaos Theory, Season 8 patch notes, Switch release and Solo queue


    New Apex Legends Season 8 Chaos Theory patch notes have been released today, and it confirms some big changes coming to PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

    From what has been shared so far by Respawn, March 9 will include the start of a new event.

    The Chaos Theory Collection Event will add a new rewards track, boasting fresh cosmetics, this time featuring legendary Kraber and EVA-8 weapon skins.

    According to Respawn, gamers will be able to earn 1,000 points per day, and challenges refresh daily.

    Stretch challenges will focus on the hardcore fanbase, which will reward four unique badges if completed during the event. These challenges also stack with an existing Battle Pass so that you can complete multiple at once.

    The Apex Legends Chaos Theory event also introduces a brand new set of 24 themed, event-limited cosmetics.

    A message from Respawn confirms: “Inspired by the warriors of the Frontier, our Legends are donning fierce new looks as they drop into the arena.

    “All 24 items will be available through direct purchase (for Apex Coins or Crafting Metals) and in Event Apex Packs for the entire duration of the event. If you collect all 24 event items, you’ll unlock the Bangalore Heirloom set.

    “Bangalore took this Pilot’s knife off a cold-blooded opponent. Since that day, she’s made it her own.

    “After the event ends, the Bangalore Heirloom will become available via heirloom crafting. A few more nitty gritty details on how this Collection Event will work: First, the crafting costs for the skins are returning to their regular pricing now that the Anniversary Collection Event has ended.”

    Today’s Apex Legends Season 8 patch notes also revealed that other big changes are happening to existing characters.

    The big highlight is for Caustic players, with the Nox Gas Grenade cooldown increasing from 2.5 minutes to 3.5 minutes.

    And Nox Gas damages will also start using a flat rate of 5hp per tick instead of ramping up from 6hp → to 12hp.

    The development team explained to fans this week: “Caustic is brutally effective at slowing down engagements. The entirety of his kit revolves around gas with a large area of effect, slow, vision obstruction, and direct health damage. It’s proven to be too oppressive in too many scenarios, especially considering teammates can play in gas relatively unimpaired.

    “Significantly reducing gas damage (without taking it away completely or having it affect armour instead) seems like a fair compromise that stays true to the character while making him less oppressive on the receiving end.

    “We will be monitoring the data and gameplay closely. If these changes hit Caustic’s appeal or effectiveness too hard, we will revisit accordingly.”

    Respawn has also confirmed that the launch of Apex Legends’ next update will bring new options to the game.

    While Respawn isn’t going as far as offering a new Apex Solo Queue, they provide a new no-fill matchmaking option.

    No-Fill Matchmaking will make it possible to play the game as a solo Legend, but it will come with some hefty challenges.

    In the lobby, you’ll now see a checkbox entitled “Fill Matchmaking” and this will lead to the matchmaking system attempting to fill your squad to Duos or Trios, whichever you queued for.

    Unchecking this box and clicking Play will send your party into your selected playlist without filling your team with other players.

    And one of the biggest updates coming to the Apex Legends platform will be the launch of the Nintendo Switch version, scheduled as part of the March 9 patch.

    Switch players will be given 30 free levels for their Season 8 Battle Pass, as they are getting a few weeks into the Season.

    And for the first two weeks after launch, playing Apex Legends on Switch will also earn you double XP.

    Published at Fri, 05 Mar 2021 03:05:46 +0000

    Apex Legends Chaos Theory, Season 8 patch notes, Switch release and Solo queue


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