Apex Legends update 1.56 brings crash relief (hopefully) before Season 8 release date


    The Apex Legends Season 8 release date is expected in early February, and the dev team are looking to remove crashes.

    Fans have been flagging problems with their game crashing following the most recent content patch.

    Respawn confirmed earlier this week that they were looking into the problem, telling gamers at the time:

    “Hey Legends, we’re aware that some of you are experiencing crashes in Apex Legends and are actively looking into a fix. Stay tuned for more info as we have it.”

    And following that news, Respawn has released Apex Legends update 1.56, which is now available on PS4, Xbox One, PC and next-gen consoles.

    The patch notes confirm that some problems have been solved and that stability should have been improved across the game.

    However, it comes with the caveat that not all the current problems may have been removed, with a new message from Respawn explaining:

    “We’ve pushed out a patch that improves stability and (hopefully) fixes the freezing issues.

    “This issue, in particular, has been tricky for us to pin down consistently, but we are hopeful that we have addressed most of the cases where it happens.”

    Fans are sharing their own feedback, with some reporting no crashes, while others haven’t been so lucky.

    One Apex fan writes: “It didn’t, just had another crash. On the plus side it doesn’t lock up my entire PC anymore, it just closes.”

    Another adds: “Great news! I just had a four-hour gaming session (PC) with no crashes! Before this stability update, I was getting at least one crash per hour. Sometimes two crashes in a single match. So it appears to be fixed for me at least.”

    The patch notes from today’s Apex Legends January 14 update which can be found below:

    • Issues with event skins “Haute Drop” and “Gold Standard”
    • Small orange diamondErrors with clicking on Steam friends list
    • Small orange diamondText chat issues with Steam
    • Small orange diamondSeveral Clubs-related issues

    More news is expected from Respawn as we get closer to the release of Apex Legends Season 8.

    This isn’t expected to happen until February 1, which is when the current Battle Pass is scheduled to end.

    It should also be noted that the game’s anniversary will be held later in the month and this could affect the launch of Apex Legends Season 8.

    So expect more news from Respawn on when Season 8 will be kicking off in the coming weeks.

    Fans are hoping that a new Apex Legends Character will be coming with the launch of Season 8, with leaks suggesting it could be named Fuse.

    Published at Fri, 15 Jan 2021 02:38:00 +0000

    Apex Legends update 1.56 brings crash relief (hopefully) before Season 8 release date


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