Avengers Endgame: VFX expert opens up on major plot clue in trailer – did you spot it?


Avengers Endgame: VFX expert opens up on major plot clue in trailer – did you spot it?

Avengers: Endgame is a movie which has still left fans reeling, even a year after its release. There are elements of the movie which still leave fans questioning truths about the franchise. One VFX expert revealed one of his own shots left fans poring over the shots – but what did it mean?

Speaking to Luke Armstrong, who has recently released his directorial debut, Solitary, revealed he worked on a shot which gained a huge amount of attention, as it led to much questioning about the movie.

In an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, Luke said: “I’ve been on forums on Reddit for films that have been released that I’ve worked on, commenting on shots that I’ve been part of, saying, ‘Why didn’t they do this?’

“It’s like it was a decision made by somebody but it’s quite interesting. People definitely do care a lot more than you’d expect.

“That’s the great thing about the world of films as people are so passionate about stories and all the little details.

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“It’s like when Game of Thrones came out and there was that great big scandal about the coffee cup in the corner. It’s so easily done but people were very passionate about that.”

Later, Luke revealed how one of his shots in Avengers: Endgame made it into the trailer, and fans were spending a great deal of time working out whether it meant anything.

It turns out, it did, as it depicted Robert Downey Jr. in space at the beginning of the movie.

Luke continued, when asked if one of his Endgame shots gained that much attention, he said: “Not one of mine thankfully. I have seen people picking out shots online and saying thing, but luckily not for any of mine.

“But I was lucky enough to work on a lot of shots that ended up in trailers and people really pore over those shots.

“I remember listening to an Empire podcast when they were dissecting the trailer and trying to guess what the significance of the thing that was in my shot was…

“It was for Endgame – it was the beginning of the trailer I worked on some shots of Robert in the spaceship floating around and they were trying to guess what the significance of that was.”

It turns out it was incredibly significant, as it showed how Tony Stark was so close to death along with Nebula, as they were in deep space and needed rescuing.


In the end, Carol Danvers, AKA Captain Marvel, had to save them as they were reaching the point of no return, during which time Tony Stark sent videos to Earth in the belief he would not make it home.

His return was a shock for everyone, who had not seen him for days and were concerned by his absence.

Avengers Endgame obviously ended in a happy way for many characters, though sadly not for Tony Stark.

Despite surviving this incident, he did not survive the end of the film and sadly has left the franchise, though he will be seen again in Black Widow, likely in flashback.

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