BBC Breakfast concern: Owain Wyn Evans’ mother feared ‘negative press’ on TV show


    One Twitter user described him as “a breath of fresh air” and said they “loved the delivery and presentation” of his weather report.

    A second wrote: “Loving the new happy, happy weatherman on @BBCBreakfast.”

    A third added: “Worth watching the programme for you.”

    A number requested to see “more of him please” because they felt he made “even a horrible forecast fun to watch”.

    Owain’s popularity led to speculation about his future on BBC Breakfast.

    Before Owain became a hit on BBC Breakfast, his mother was worried about him being verbally attacked for being gay. 

    In 2014, the star told Wales Online that he was “concerned” about coming out to his parents and feared the “difficult” interaction.

    Owain, who was surprised by how supportive they were, said: “They have been amazing. 

    “It was quite a shock at the beginning because they did not expect it.”

    Owain claimed his mother was “shocked” when he told her because “she had never thought” he was gay.

    He recalled: “My mum told me… that it did not affect who I was.”

    However, knowing of her son’s ambitions to become a TV presenter, she gave him some advice about how to conduct himself.

    Owain recalled: “She warned me to be careful at what I did in life.”

    Wales Online claimed her worries were “because of his job” – which would make him a nationally-known figure.

    They wrote: “She was worried her lad might get negative press.”

    The response suggested she had concerns that the public might not accept him because of his sexuality. 

    Thankfully, Owain claimed to have encountered very few troubles – the majority of which were online.

    Since working on TV, he claimed his mother need not have been so worried.

    Owain said: “No one was bothered and it was not even an issue.”

    The BBC Breakfast star married his husband Arran Rees four years ago and has made no secret of their hopes to adopt one day in the future. 

    BBC Breakfast airs from 6am on BBC One.

    Published at Sat, 13 Mar 2021 06:00:00 +0000

    BBC Breakfast concern: Owain Wyn Evans’ mother feared ‘negative press’ on TV show


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